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xoxoxoBruce 10-04-2019 12:18 AM

Oct 4th, 2019 : glatt’s Marines
You remember a short time ago we uncovered glatt’s secret Navy.
Well it seems that was just the beginning of his clandestine plotting.

It’s well known the Potomac is polluted, too dirty for people to swim in or critters to live in.
glatt recruited a force of 200 Bottlenose Dolphins in 2015 and began the training. If you’ve seen the videos of the various national
navies dolphin training you get the picture.

In order to retain the loyalty of these Marines, glatt provided them with Comfort Dolphins, some of which gave birth.
After the word got out about glatt’s uh... amenities, more volunteers arrived, probably many are mercenaries in this country illegally.
Now the population has grown to 2,000 Marines and camp followers.

The problem is more people spotting them training it will become more than a chance sighting, and will change minds about
how dirty the Potomac really is, thus deciding to use it more which could unravel the whole plot.



glatt 10-04-2019 09:00 AM

The Potomac is actually a fairly clean river. The biggest problem is manure runoff from livestock. There was never much industry on the Potomac, not like you would see on other US rivers.

I've never seen a dolphin in the Potomac, I think they are further down the river toward the mouth by the Chesapeake Bay. I spend most of my time on the river up in the mountains near Harper's Ferry area. I usually gravitate to the mountains instead of the sea. But I would love to see a dolphin in the river.

xoxoxoBruce 10-04-2019 01:31 PM

They say there was one sighting as far north as DC, but mostly much further south.

glatt 10-04-2019 01:52 PM

You know, now that I think of it, there was a huge problem with sewage spills during heavy rains. And the Anacostia river in DC was a cesspool because of it. But they built a huge underground chamber to hold all that shit whenever there is a heavy rain, and then they can process it before releasing it into the river. I bet that has cleaned things up a lot and is part of the reason dolphins are here now.

xoxoxoBruce 10-05-2019 12:06 AM

The article said agricultural runoff was a big problem. Maybe they were blaming that poop on the farmers.

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