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archaic and loving it

Dos 3 on my craptop, OS/2 for a while on a box that is now sitting in my closet, WinME on my downstairs machine, and redhat on my bedroom machine.
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MY OS'en

Hmm, right now I'm running:
Windows 2000 Professional at home (because Oracle 8i Release 3 wasn't out for Linux yet).

Windows 2000 Professional at work (because it's the only platform DBArtisan, ERStudio, RapidSQL, and SQLProgrammer run on somewhat correctly).

Windows XP on my laptop (soon to be ditched for Windows 2000 Professional again, since it's the only OS that allows me to play DVDs correctly and works with IBM's suspend mode!).

OpenBSD at work (for my web server).

Linux-Mandrake 8 at work (for doing X on a cheap Pentium to the Solaris boxes).

I'm very satisfied with Win2K Professional. It is the only OS that allows suspend mode on my laptops correctly, and supports most of the old Windows programs, and even some DOS ones. I can always run VMWare to play Duke Nukem 3D and hear the insults he throws.

It's also much more reliable than anything Microsoft has ever put out. Even though I like Linux, I like to be able to have things simple. The xUX GUIs are not. However, Xchat is the greatest IRC program ever.

I've got my sister and I running Win2K, and it's pretty darn good. There's actually drivers for most hardware on the CD itself (like her SB Live!), and the rest are actually easily obtainable (like her HP CD-RW drive and our Nvidia GeForce2MX video cards). It's just the first MS OS that I can actually use without causing it to throw up every hour like NT4 and 98.

I'm thinking of getting a second HD on this machine here and throwing Debian on it, so I can have a decent Linux box as well. I figure a PIII can handle Linux these days

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Originally Posted by Undertoad
I run Mozilla under Win and Lin too. I love it, despite the fact that I need to switch to IE for about 1% of sites.
I think you could have just changed your user agent to look like IE couldnt ya buddy??

I am on 98se,my favourite OS
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