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Sorry but one thread is not enough. Always wanted to go to Yellowstone, even when i lived in the UK and there was no chance..... now we're here and raodtripping, biking is obviously the way to go. car is all packed, one bike already loaded, garage is open, other bikes in the driveway, us in and out all day and evening with stuff. Go out to see about putting the bikes on and mine is GONE.

For the $50 some twat will get for my bike, our long dreamed of vacation is all fucked up. i hope their buyer knifes them. rly. i do. and I'm not that sort of person.
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The Great Satellite in the Sky
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That sucks. I remember when I was a kid, we went to a park and were kicking around a soccer ball. We left the ball for like 2 minutes to go get a drink of water at the water fountain, and came back to find the ball stolen.

It was a small park, so it's not like someone just kicked it somewhere hidden - someone clearly picked up it up and walked away with it. It's a small item and not really that costly (probably $10 max), but it was just sickening that someone would actually go out of their way to steal something so valueless and meaningless.
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Pete Zicato
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So sorry for you, Monster. I hope you can rescue the vacation. Try to go ahead and enjoy your vacation.

Worry about finding and stomping the bastards later.

Talk nerdy to me.
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