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It's pretty much my favorite movie of all time (I would kill for his car).. but The Great Escape comes dang close. I'm a big fan of Steve McQueen and old war movies in general (The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, stuff like that). Any reccomendations?
Well, I think Bullit is awesome as well, and that Mach Mustang is to die for. I recently watched the DVD edition of Bullit and it had some extra features that were interesting. You might want to re-view it on the DVD. I will reccomend The Bridges at Toko Ri if you like war movies. It's one of only a few good Korean War movies, and how topical is that!? Plus it has Banshee Jets!!! That alone makes it a winner!

Another sleeper is the British original Get Carter with Michael Caine. Ipcress File is also pretty cool.

Ok. I've violated the off the topic rule...sorry folks.
Things are never as good, or bad, as they seem.
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There is no off topic rule.
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Originally Posted by wolf
my childhood parish was heavy duty traditional Italian neighborhood Roman Catholic and they had a gold chalice you could stun an ox with.
They chose ... poorly.
"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain."
-- Friedrich Schiller
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