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An Awesome Dude
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This is a site of mysticism based around different religions. The story behind the site is very inspiring and heartfelt i think even though alot of ppl think religion causes MORE PROBLEMS than it solves... (Which it does in alot of cases i believe)
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The future is unwritten
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It's not the religions that are the problem, they all started with the premise, Play Nice.
The problem is people using religion to justify being assholes.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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Religion was the earliest science. In science, we are never sure. We are constantly doubting. And therefore discovering more of god's laws.

Great science was Newton's laws of physics. But we did not stop there. Eventually concepts were advanced by general relativity.

Bad science (ie what causes and averts ulcers) was eventually exposed because, in science, doubting is constant. And therefore more is learned.

Foolish religions need some magic book that explains all. As if that earliest science is the only science. And doubters must be condemned. That is when religion is perverted.

Religion is only a relationship between each man and his god. It has no place in other relationships. A religious institution is only an adviser - a consultant - never the boss. Once a religion is superior to that man / god relationship, then religion is corrupt.

Even laws must be free of religion. All men have the right to have their own relationship with their own god - religious freedom. But that relationship must never be imposed on anyone else. Otherwise that religion (and its worshipped book) is corrupt - evil - satanist.
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The Un-Tuckian
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An Awesome Dude
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Ya your right Bruce I guess!!!!

I think GOD is beautiful but religon made up BS for control.....
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