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So what're they gonna call it?

Two Vermont colleges might be unified

CASTLETON - The Vermont State Colleges are considering merging Johnson State College and Lyndon State College under one administration with two campuses. [...]

Board chairwoman Martha OíConnor says possibly expanding opportunities for students, faculty and staff in a larger college community is worth serious consideration.

The board will vote on the proposal on Sept. 29 after receiving a report from Spaulding. If itís approved, the unification would take place next July.
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I can hear my ears
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Makes some feel uncomfortable
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^it sings^
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Johnlyndonson State College

(has a nice thwang to it)
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still says videotape
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Dead Kennedy College?
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Why not Vermont U?

Then the word Vermont can be a verb.
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How about Calvin Coolidge University?

He was born in Vermont and the two Democrat colleges can unite in their disdain for a Republican.

Something for everyone there.

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