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ISS tourists

NASA is going to allow tourists and companies to visit and use the International Space Station for commercial purposes. The are in the process of looking at suggestions and requests on what's wanted and what will attract mo money. As NASA budgets keep getting slashed to fund Military golf courses, this is a move to fund the ISS and hopefully give them money to do more space stuff.
They've posted a preliminary rate chart so people making suggestions and requests will temper their thinking. I'm thinking damn few companies would spend that kind of money to shoot a commercial on the ISS, given the state of CGI today. Maybe Pepsi/Coke, Budweiser, or Mercedes, for a Superbowl commercial. I don't see anything on the chart about Clydesdales.
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Just another example of how little science is performed on the ISS.
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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
I don't see anything on the chart about Clydesdales.
Damn you!

If I'd been drinking something I woulda just spat it out.

Fucking Clydesdales. On the ISS.

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still says videotape
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