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May 29th, 2017: Make Money At Home

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   xoxoxoBruce  Sunday May 28 10:57 PM

May 29th, 2017: Make Money At Home

If you want money for nothing and sex for free, but can't play guitar, this may be for you.
Do like Mitchell Grafton and make little tchotchkes and sell them on fleabay.

Hell, all you need is some clay, some glazes, and a little paint brush.

Of course it doesn't hurt to be a sick twisted individual.


Snakeadelic  Monday May 29 08:13 AM

Too bad the blog that links to hasn't updated since 2014...

I love the one with the iguana down in the far right lower corner. That copper color means the pot was glazed using the raku technique, which is NOT easy. Typically raku produces 2 things: crackle pattern in some glazes and metallic color in others. The lizard vase looks to have a white crackle top and copper metallic body. I have no idea how the green was applied to the lizard; my experience with raku in college was limited if fascinating. I do know the black bands on its tail are probably unglazed & unstained, because here's how you raku:

1. Take your super-delicate unfired clay piece and put whatever color on it the piece needs. Many potters mix their own colors from powdered mineral and chemical bases.

2. Place in kiln and heat until the ceramic is glowing.

3. Using tongs, try to grab your glowing-hot fragile piece without breaking it.

4. Using tongs, drop said piece into a container (we used metal garbage cans) full of highly flammable materials (we used a mix of newspapers and dry pine needles), then slam the lid on the container down and wait until it stops making weird noises, deforming the container, and smoking like all hell.

5. When the smoke clears, use tongs to remove the now-fired but still screamin' hot piece and hope you got the right amount of glaze and smoke and heat to bring up the colors and the crackles.

The cats also appear to be raku-fired. I love the Dias de los Muertes style cat, and of course the snake with the snake-handling minister, and the steampunk shark.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday May 29 09:55 AM

He's on facefuck and sells on fleabay.

Diaphone Jim  Monday May 29 12:38 PM

I think this guy is inspired and incredibly skilled.
There are dozens more on the blog link.
I don't find one I don't like, but the mice in the motorized teacup and the well-dressed dog with his catchel (from the blog) are my favorites.

BigV  Monday May 29 01:32 PM

Very impressive, and I like them all too.

Gravdigr  Monday May 29 02:58 PM

This one is teh awesome.

Attachment 60696

BigV  Monday May 29 03:35 PM

solves this problem:

A father surprises his toddler son with a pet turtle. A couple of days later, the father arrives home from work to find his son in tears. The turtle has huge blisters on its feet. The father takes the turtle back to the pet store. The store owner, horrified, gives him a replacement. All seems fine for a few days, but one day the new turtle has blistered feet, too. The father and son get in the car and drive to the pet store. The sobbing son lovingly carries his pet into the store, and the store owner is completely baffled. He apologizes profusely, and tells the boy to go pick any turtle he wants out of the display, and tells the father he'll refund the cost of the turtle. They all troop over to the display. The boy picks out the prettiest, largest turtle - one that costs nearly twice as much as the original - and says he'll take this one. The father, anxious to avoid another episode of upset, tells his son to be sure there's nothing wrong with this one before they leave. His son kneels on the carpet, holds the turtle by its back, and says, "This one's fine, Daddy! Watch him go! Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!"

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