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The Cellar Rules
Ye Olde Cellar Rules
If you agree with the following rules, click the "I have read and agree" box, and the "Register" button.
There are only THREE rules of The Cellar.
  1. Do not try to break the law using the Cellar.
  2. Do not try to break the Cellar.
  3. Do not be "intolerably irritating".

The meaning of that last item is of course open to interpretation. But basically, if you are a troll, attention whore, moron, spammer, single-issue hammer, or otherwise want to hurt or "test" this community, you WILL be removed and banned.

We prevent spam through Akismet. All spam posts fail to reach us. We laugh.

Lastly, this is a forum for adults, and we assume the content here is likely to be obscene or possibly offensive. All messages express the views of the people who wrote them. They like it that way.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 10:56 PM.

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There are two kinds of 'disabled' persons: those who dwell on what they have lost, and those who concentrate on what they have left. The former use their limitations as an excuse for parasitism, the latter, as an incentive for productivity. Helen Keller was much more impaired, but much less disabled, than many a modern professional schizophreniac.
- Thomas Szasz

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