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   Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 30 12:18 PM

1/30: Atari's ancient prototype art

From a cache of ancient drawings of Atari's early concepts of how arcade games would look like, and how people would interact with them, found here:

Complete with actual "70s consumers" action figures.

It's interesting to note that their concept of how arcade games would work was pretty much accurate; there are drawings of arcades, games at bowling alleys, etc. There aren't many details about this collection but it's fascinating to look at. And sad to think that the whole arcade game era is pretty much over, replaced by home consoles, PCs, etc. Sad if only for the fact that some games really demand their own controller, not just a direction pad and 27 buttons or however many buttons they're sticking on controllers nowadays.

Joe  Wednesday Jan 30 01:00 PM

You got that right

My favs were the vector graphics types, "Tempest", "Space Duel" and especially "Gravitar". These games had no pixels, they were line drawings and as such had *infinite* possiblities of positions of ships, enemies etc. They had some impressive hardware in the cabinets and difficult as heck to master.

Today of course nobody would be very interested in them, with their primitive art and about 4 colors, but for playability and finesse I thought they were the best.

Now of course we have the home consoles which IMHO aren't bad at all, it's just a different genre.

blase  Wednesday Jan 30 01:51 PM

My childhood video gaming started with Nintendo, and I never did see the attraction of arcade gaming. Why would I want to go somewhere to play a video game where every time I lost I was out another 25 cents or more? That gets sort of expensive when you really want to master a game and you're a 10 year old with a $2/week allowance. I don't cry for arcade games, consoles won because they're what people want.

MaggieL  Wednesday Jan 30 02:07 PM

Re: You got that right

Originally posted by Joe
My favs were the vector graphics types...
<a href="">The granddaddy of them all...(java required)</a>

Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 30 02:54 PM

Vectrex was amazing

Vectrex was the first console gaming system I bought. It was amazing in its day. Apparently, it still has a following.

dave  Wednesday Jan 30 05:36 PM

I had a Nintendo. After that, Genesis. Playstation. Dreamcast. N64. Xbox.

Arcade was fun, but it was tough for me 'cause I had a $5/week allowance, and after the latest G.I. Joe comic and the weekly peach drink (mmmmmm, that stuff was good), I only had like $3.50 left. Well, that doesn't go all that far in an arcade. Still, I could own it up on Street Fighter 2 back in the day.

Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 30 06:00 PM

I used to work for Playdium Entertainment.

All the great arcade games ... in an upscale atmosphere for young adults.

Each Playdium cost about US$15 million to build.

Better than Gameworks or Dave & Busters. IMHO.

It was fun.

Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 30 06:38 PM

The interesting thing about you, Nic, is that although you've posted 306 times, I still would be hard-pressed to guess whether you were a quarter jockey there, a manager, or vice-president of sales.

Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 30 07:08 PM

Intentional obfuscation.

I trust that my words speak for themselves, without the appendages of title or station in life.

In my posts and dialogue with others, I try my best to treat everyone as an equal, neither lording over nor grovelling.

So it may be difficult to type-cast me or fit me into a preconceived group. Although ... a picture of the individual does emerge over time.

Joe  Wednesday Jan 30 07:19 PM

Right on

That's why it's the Internet - nobody knows who I really am aside from some general IP tag info.

Would I show my bank statement, name and addres to a complete stranger? No.

Would I reveal my job title to the world at large? No, for the same reason.

The human mind is still unfettered, and the places it goes are frequently dark and unsavory, more so than we would care to admit. Society is set up so that we can work and live while pretty much ignoring these elephants in our living rooms, but the fact remains, there are no guardrails limiting our thoughts. Good, and we wouldn't have it any other way, but for this reason we play it close to the vest out here in the real world.

Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 30 07:54 PM

And it's all good, whatever people like to do. I just find it interesting.

I couldn't hide what I did if I wanted to. Sooner or later I'd mention something having to do with web programming or databases or whatever.

Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 30 07:58 PM

Like the cartoon says, "Nobody knows you're a dog, on the Internet."

Although, everyone soon discovers if you're an ass.

jeni  Wednesday Jan 30 08:20 PM

nobody knows i'm a jeni cat.


dave  Wednesday Jan 30 10:49 PM


Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 30 10:53 PM

dham, I think it's about time you looked into what is making you Irritable.

dave  Wednesday Jan 30 11:53 PM

Would you like a glass of my frothy diarrhea, Nic? :whofarted

Nic Name  Thursday Jan 31 12:02 AM

Shake it, dham! :whofarted :whofarted :whofarted :whofarted thefarthops

dave  Thursday Jan 31 07:49 AM

I think the Cellar would probably be better off if you and I were banned from it.

Griff  Thursday Jan 31 03:03 PM

Oh, no you guys oughta stick around. That kid, however, better get runnin'.

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