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   Undertoad  Sunday Feb 3 10:17 AM

2/3: A note to the captain

I don't know if this is true or not but it gave me a hearty laugh.

Griff  Sunday Feb 3 10:25 AM

Ha! She cuts right to the heart of that matter there, doesn't she?

Joe  Monday Feb 4 10:26 AM


The language seems just a shade too much like someone trying to sound like a kid, the drawing of the plane is just a little too well done for an 8-year old.

I don't buy that it's genuine, but I'll agree it's pretty funny.

dave  Monday Feb 4 10:40 AM

Man, do you have kids?

When I was 8 I was drawing fighter jets and all sorts of shit. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They made that jet look <b>sorry</b>.

Now, what it sounds like to me is that one of her parents said "I hope the pilot doesn't fuck up the landing" and she wrote it. Kids do that.

It was in Davis, West Virginia. I was probably 2, which means my mom was 33 or 34. She was holding me and talking to my grandmother while sitting at the breakfast table at the aforementioned grandmother's house. There was a ditch outside (which would become quite the entertainment center in the years to come), right next to the side of the road. This was a good sized ditch - 2 or 3 feet deep. Anyway, some guy pulls up to park, and in doing so, manages to get right into the ditch, such that he was going to have trouble getting out. Well, my mom says "Look how that stupid bastard parked."

And I, in my two year old voice, stated affirmatively: "Look how that stupid bastard parked!"

Kids love quoting their parents

I also refer you to Mrs. Doubtfire - "We're his goddamn kids too!" :P

Anyway... is it genuine? I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Regardless, it is pretty funny

jeni  Monday Feb 4 02:40 PM

cowboy X?

kbarger  Monday Feb 4 03:02 PM

Yeah, my daughter went through a "dammit" phase when she was 3. What was really funny was when she said it when I was THINKING it, but didn't actually say it. A couple weeks ago we were walking along and a garbage truck whizzed by, quite fast, and very close to the curb of the sidewalk. "Wow," she said, "That was freakin' scary!" (She's 6 now, and yes, she said "freakin'", I'm not editing it.)

My favorite, though, was when we did paperwork for summer daycamp last year. I was going over the rules with her and one of them was "Swearing will not be tolerated." "Dad, what's swearing?" "Swearing is when you say bad words that you're not supposed to say." "Oh. <pause> I guess that goes for swearword fingers too!" and she sticks her right middle finger straight out at me! I couldn't decide whether to collapse on the floor laughing, or point out to her that that finger is supposed to be presented in a vertical position, not horizontal.

Oh, and I agree about the art. My daughter couldn't draw a plane like that, but based on the wall-hangings at school there are 3 or 4 kids in her first grade class who could, so I'm sure it's reasonable for an 8 yo. (I won't base it on myself, because I can't now and never could draw anything recognizable.)

dave  Monday Feb 4 03:50 PM

Ah. I just assumed all kids could draw pretty alright. My bad. I guess those who work to develop it will be able to draw things, and those who don't will struggle.

That having been said, I lost all my drawing talent some time around seventh grade, and I could no longer draw Spiderman or a TMNT to save my life.

Whit  Monday Feb 4 07:13 PM

Originally posted by kbarger
Yeah, my daughter went through a "dammit" phase when she was 3. What was really funny was when she said it when I was THINKING it, but didn't actually say it.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;When my daughter was three she dropped her ice cream, looked at it and let out a really emphatic "Dammit!" Her Mom and I decided to let it go, after all it was used correctly. We also laughed our asses off later. That kid always has something to say...

CyclopONE  Tuesday Feb 5 01:32 AM

Originally posted by dhamsaic
Ah. I just assumed all kids could draw pretty alright.
Not all kids can draw well, true. But there are some who can draw exceptionally well...

This is from a 3-year old child who is an autistic savant. Her savant skill, as you can see, allows her to draw pictures of horses better than most adults can, all from memory.

This picture is from an article of the magazine Discover. The link is here.

You never know, you might have the skill inside you.


jeni  Tuesday Feb 5 01:59 AM

wow, that is awesome. wow.

node  Tuesday Feb 5 06:44 PM

Fascinating article, thanks CyclopONE.

As for the drawing (very funny pic BTW)... hell, I STILL can't draw planes any better than that kid, I can't see why the opposite can't apply and she is just a fairly decent young artist.


blowmeetheclown  Thursday Feb 7 09:25 AM

I doubt the authenticity of it, though it is funny. I saw this a while back, but it wasn't the same picture. And it was drawn in crayon on what looked like a napkin.

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