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   Undertoad  Wednesday Mar 29 12:31 PM

3/29/2006: Worldmapper: tourist destinations

via Neatorama. Map fans, geography fans, and visual display fans alike will enjoy the many maps now being produced by Worldmapper. This one shows the destinations of 665 million international tourists per year, re-sized for our purposes. All of western Europe leads by far.

If you enjoy this map, you'll enjoy browsing the 56 others they've published so far, and notice they have plans for over 300 more.

funkykule  Wednesday Mar 29 12:44 PM

I'm surprised at how small australia is - in terms of tourism!!. very cool map

SteveDallas  Wednesday Mar 29 12:51 PM

Damn, it's hard to tell what's what at first glance. For a moment I thought Spain & Portugal were Africa.

John  Wednesday Mar 29 12:52 PM

Australia is just a *little* out of the way for most travellers. It's expensive and the flights take a big chunk of your time.

chrisinhouston  Wednesday Mar 29 12:58 PM

Comparison of the maps at their website is pretty amusing, I sort of pictured it as each country being represented by ballons on a map of the world with each one inflating or deflating depending on which map you look at.

Some were particularlay interesting. China has the most container cargo, the Indian sub continent the most population throughout history as well as the most trains and mopeds. The Immigration-emigration maps also add fuel to the fire currently in our headlines.

funkykule  Wednesday Mar 29 12:59 PM

I realise that John, but from my part of the world the volume of people going there to backpack or spend a year seems to be enormous. Most 20 somethings either have done it or are planning to do so, regardless of costs etc.. thats all.

also have you seen the refugee set of maps? It seem that south america has the same amount (relatively) of inflow as outflow.
(I must cease and desist from editing my posts, but I always seem to forget something!)

Pancake Man  Wednesday Mar 29 01:08 PM

What happened to my post? O well...
South America is so slim, and the good ol' US don't look to healthy on that one, either. France seems to be the popular destination, if you can avoid the riots and protests.

glatt  Wednesday Mar 29 01:49 PM

I'm curious about how they define a tourist destination.

If I live in Virginia, and travel to California for vacation, does that count as a tourist destination to the United States? Or does it only count if I cross an international border to get there?

If travel within ones' own country doesn't count, then it would be very obvious that small, closely spaced countries like Europe would see high numbers.

glatt  Wednesday Mar 29 01:55 PM

OK. I read the link. Should have done that in the first place.

Only international trips seem to count. I call B.S.

I can barely fit on the freaking Metro trains this time of year since there are so many tourists here in DC looking at the cherry blossoms. But according to this map, they don't exist, since they are all american.

barefoot serpent  Wednesday Mar 29 01:56 PM

It's interesting that New Zealand appears to be the least distorted by this mapping.

funkykule  Wednesday Mar 29 01:57 PM

I like your thinking (can I borrow it for a while?!). by right europe should be counted as one region.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Mar 29 02:03 PM

Cool maps, although the aircraft maps (27,28,29) are mostly meaningless because they use the plane's country of registration rather than where it's flying. That completely distorts the data.

If I drive to Alaska, that's my destination but does Canada get a partial credit?

Pi  Wednesday Mar 29 04:02 PM

Can't find Luxembourg

glatt  Wednesday Mar 29 04:22 PM

Originally Posted by Pi
Can't find Luxembourg
It's right next to France.

Kitsune  Wednesday Mar 29 04:49 PM

Originally Posted by glatt
Only international trips seem to count. I call B.S.
Florida is not the bloated wang it should be in this image. I find this suspect.

Wombat  Wednesday Mar 29 06:25 PM

Originally Posted by funkykule
I'm surprised at how small australia is - in terms of tourism!!. very cool map
The only reason it looks smaller on that map than in real life is because Australia has such a low population density. Most of Australia is empty desert. The tourism size is actually quite good considering the small population and the remoteness.

capnhowdy  Wednesday Mar 29 07:56 PM

Color me stoopid.
I have a problem with maps. I always skipped geography in HS coz I knew I was prolly gonna fail anyway. I can't even follow Goggle map directions. sheesh.....

FloridaDragon  Wednesday Mar 29 10:45 PM

I agree .... FL should be 1/3 of the map if they just count the people going to Disney and if they count all the &*(^(* snowbirds it would be the whole map.

So my little mini vacation this weekend to Captiva doesn't count, huh? I feel cheated!

Kagen4o4  Wednesday Mar 29 11:10 PM

looks like africa is the anus of the world in this picture. (just by the look of it im not making a political or social coment)

wolf  Thursday Mar 30 02:36 AM

Africa? Probably once the revolution season is over, folks will start going back.

Kagen4o4  Thursday Mar 30 07:06 AM

africa needs a disneyland.

milkfish  Thursday Mar 30 07:25 AM

If any U.S. state is allowed to argue about their size, that would be Hawaii. Probably, they don't represent popularity on the sub-national level here, although doesn't .

Are the islands of Mauritius (red blob in the Indian Ocean) and the Falklands (green, in the So Atlantic) really such popular tourist sites? They look to be about the same size as Costa Rica maybe.

Pi  Thursday Mar 30 12:47 PM

Damn, that big. I was looking for something small

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Mar 30 06:52 PM

Originally Posted by Kagen4o4
africa needs a disneyland.
It wouldn't help near as much as all the Viagra flowing into Florida.

tippy  Monday Apr 3 11:37 AM

OMG I have just seen the alcohol and cigarette imports v exports. The UK is getting the rest of the world drunk (I'm assuming it is booze we are exporting as we are not known for our tobacco plantations...we hardly import any!!)

Kagen4o4  Monday Apr 3 07:56 PM

meat and cereal exports are australias thang.

we are feeding the world breakfast and beef

SeanAhern  Thursday Apr 6 08:11 AM

Maps of this type, where the area is scaled to match some value, are called "cartograms." Most cartograms you see will have the distortion that these maps have, where the original shapes and angles of the country are kinda lost when a lot of scaling has to be done.

In the last couple years, a new technique for generating cartograms was discovered that borrows techinques from the simulation of gaseous diffusion. This new technique is much faster than the old, and also has the advantage of a greater sense of the original shape. You can see cartograms done with the new technique here:

A description of the new technique (along with some cartograms) can be found here:

Torrere  Friday Apr 7 08:44 PM

I'm surprised by the amount of ocean tourism!

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