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   Undertoad  Tuesday Feb 12 03:17 PM

2/12: Buncha naked folks

I'm not sure, but this has to be either just before or just after another Spencer Tunick shot. But where is this? Does anyone recognize it? Somehow I wound up with no details about the shot at all.

scjody  Tuesday Feb 12 04:40 PM

I don't know WHY those people are naked, but the location is Place des Arts, <A HREF=''>Montreal</A>, Quebec, Canada, home of the <A HREF=''>Montreal Jazz Festival</A> among others.

Nic Name  Tuesday Feb 12 05:00 PM

Art Photo

kbarger  Tuesday Feb 12 05:48 PM

Heh.... I wonder how one of those censorware programs that try to identify picture of naked people based on the presence of a lot of "skin color" (we'll not even delve into any racial/ethnic issues the idea of "flesh colored" brings up) would react to that.

rhiannon  Monday Feb 18 03:57 PM


Here are several galleries of spencer tunick's photography for those of you who are interested in masses of naked people in public spaces.

Nic Name  Friday Jul 5 01:17 AM

Chilly in Chile

jaguar  Friday Jul 5 02:14 AM

What do people think of his work? art? porn? stupid? what do you think the statement is, or is there one?

Undertoad  Friday Jul 5 09:15 AM

It's awesome art. Problem is, we don't get the final shots, only the news shots of the setup and stuff.

The HBO special that I saw on it showed both the setups and the final works, as wel as speaking with Tunick himself and some of the models, and it was just great! There was one shot in particular that had a single nude across the shore from Manhattan. The model said how she hated her body but she loved the shot, which put human against nature and man-made construction in a mix of different textures. Once you looked at the picture from that point of view, it was immediately understandable, and very striking.

warch  Monday Jul 8 06:29 PM

His work falls into a long tradition of nudes, but is different than a single meditation on the female form- there is a great contrast of bare human-ness and built enviroment that is very stark, can be spooky, and poetic I think. The nudity doesnt strike me as sexualized, but refreshingly mater-of-fact. I really like his photos.

Nic Name  Saturday Jul 27 12:11 PM

The Emperor's New Clothes

BrianR  Saturday Jul 27 01:41 PM

Is it just me, or are there never any black folks in his pictures?

Is this a cultural thing, or the fact that he tends to take his pictures in mostly white areas?

Just wondering.


juju  Saturday Jul 27 02:29 PM

It's probably just an artistic decision. Perhaps he just wants all of the subjects to be the same color.

elSicomoro  Saturday Jul 27 03:31 PM

I suspect it might be cultural. You don't really see a lot of black folks doing naked protests and things like this. Or, maybe caucasians have a gene that makes them more likely to take off all their clothes.

And  Saturday Jul 27 03:46 PM

I'm suprised nobody thought to ask the obvious question...

Do you think there's a lot of hookin' up going on at these gatherings?

Tobiasly  Saturday Jul 27 11:47 PM

Originally posted by And
Do you think there's a lot of hookin' up going on at these gatherings?
This guy thinks he's gonna hook up w/ the chick behind him, but he's wrong.

Undertoad  Saturday Jul 27 11:57 PM

That's no chick.

MaggieL  Sunday Jul 28 10:38 AM

Originally posted by BrianR
Is it just me, or are there never any black folks in his pictures?
Could have sworn that this question has come up before.

And I can't offer a specific example, but I'm not sure that there *aren't* black people in these pix. I think spectrum of skin tones that you do see makes it extremely difficult to draw a line and say "anybody darker than this is black". There are obviously a lot of people there about whom you can say "That one is unquestionably white." But there's oodles of folks who could be black, some other non-white race, or simply well-tanned caucasians.

O maybe my monitor needs adjusting. :-)

BrianR  Sunday Jul 28 12:33 PM

monitor problems

Definitely mine needs help. everything is tinged blue

black to me can be red too. all colors are weird.

a lot of Smurfs though

seriously, I think I need a new monitor.
Actually, I'm going to use this as an excuse to buy a whole new computer.


elSicomoro  Sunday Jul 28 08:15 PM

Re: monitor problems

You don't have stereo speakers on top of your monitor, do you? I set a couple of 6x9's for my car on top of my TV once...fucked up all the colors for a few days.

BrianR  Monday Jul 29 03:04 PM

Nope. Mine are the usual tine little ones and they're on the side, below the monitor.

Good thought though.

I still want a new machine.


Griff  Monday Jul 29 03:11 PM

Anybody else watching the views counter on this image? It still sells baby. Hmmm... naked beef?

Your reply here?

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