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   Undertoad  Monday Sep 25 12:25 PM

September 25, 2006: Gator gets deer

A reader (thanks!) sends along this set and it turned out to have been documented on Snopes. That link leads to a press release with larger images.

This is from 2004, but you know the deal - I haven't seen 'em before and maybe you haven't either. In any case, mind-boggling. Taken by a fire helicopter, they estimate the gator at about 13 feet.

rkzenrage  Monday Sep 25 12:31 PM

Seen this happen... it is always amazing.

Promenea  Monday Sep 25 02:05 PM

In the second pic, the gator appears to be smiling but then why wouldn't he be?

kelso  Monday Sep 25 02:40 PM

Hmmm . . . surf n' turf

Trilby  Monday Sep 25 03:20 PM

Why do I always look at these?

glatt  Monday Sep 25 03:29 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna
Why do I always look at these?
Because you are an intelligent and inquisitive woman.

Trilby  Monday Sep 25 04:47 PM

Originally Posted by glatt
Because you are an intelligent and inquisitive woman.
Well, I am the brains of the operation

but I don't recall offering you ten bucks to say that...

Flint  Monday Sep 25 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by Brianna
but I don't recall offering you ten bucks to say that...
shhh! pocket the $10 fee, then use it as a tax write-off. cha-ching!

Leah  Monday Sep 25 07:29 PM

Pretty good photo's even from a girls point of view. Poor deer.
Our Aussie hero Steve Irwin would loved to have seen this, but I'm positive that he's seen better shots then this one and in person.
R.I.P. Steve.

morethanpretty  Monday Sep 25 08:48 PM

Is that an alligator or a crocodile? i don't know the differences....

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 25 09:03 PM

From Snopes;

In August 2004, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) finally cleared up the issue by issuing a press release identifying the photographs as having been taken in south Georgia (near the Georgia/South Carolina border) by a USFWS officer in March 2004:
South Georgia is near the South Carolina border? Gotta brush up on my geography....or Barb's gotta brush up on her typing.

They say Alligator, but that could be a croc(k).

Ibby  Monday Sep 25 09:38 PM

They dont have crocs in the US!

...Do they?

maximum  Monday Sep 25 09:44 PM

Originally Posted by morethanpretty
Is that an alligator or a crocodile? i don't know the differences....
It's an alligator. There are only two species of alligator... the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator. Alligators are crocodilians, but not true crocodiles. Non-extinct crocodilians include true crocodiles, alligators, caimans, gharials, and false gharials. Here is a nice picture to compare the heads.

Cool critters, huh?

maximum  Monday Sep 25 09:46 PM

Originally Posted by Ibram
They dont have crocs in the US!

...Do they?
The American Crocodile. Not to be confused with the American Alligator.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Sep 25 09:50 PM

Hi maximum, welcome to the Cellar.

Cool critters? You wouldn't think so if you tried to get a drink and one of those suckers burst up and grabbed your nose.

Leah  Monday Sep 25 10:14 PM

No Bruce, they wouldn't just grab your nose, they'd grab your entire head and body. Those little critters are strong and scary things.

maximum  Monday Sep 25 11:17 PM

Thank you, Bruce. Good to be here! I have been a Cellar viewer for a long time, but finally decided to be interactive.

rkzenrage  Tuesday Sep 26 01:24 AM

Originally Posted by Ibram
They dont have crocs in the US!

...Do they?
Yes, we have some salties here in FL.

Alligators are far stronger than crocs, but much more docile.
However, that makes them more unpredictable when handling them... which I have done. I did some relocating in my twenties. It is only fun the first time. It is not nearly as cool or as fun as it looks on TV, it stinks and it hurts.

chrisinhouston  Tuesday Sep 26 10:23 AM

You have to wonder how this came to be. I would suppose the deer was wading or swimming from point A to B and the alligator took the opportunity to grab a meal.

Those sneaky aligators!

It kind of reminds me of those old Johnny Weissmuller "Tarazan" movies I used to watch as a kid on Saturday mornings. Every movie seemed to have at least one scene where a boat full of natives was in hot pursuit of Tarzan as he swam across a river. Something would tip the boat and the whole crew would go into the water screaming, then they would cut to a scene on the shore and a pack of crocodiles would jump into the water. Then the fun would begin with the natives thrashing about, as large rubber crocodile props would be shown rolling around in the water eating the screaming natives. I eventually realized that it was the same shoreline scene in every movie that they were using.

Oh, and Tarzan always got away.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Sep 26 11:18 AM

Oh sure, same old story, Whitey using the black man for his own benefit.

morethanpretty  Tuesday Sep 26 03:17 PM

I didn't realize we had crocs in the US...are there any around texas? for some reason I feel more concerned about crocs than I do alligators.

barefoot serpent  Tuesday Sep 26 03:22 PM

Famous last deer lines:
was it me or did that log just move?

rkzenrage  Tuesday Sep 26 05:35 PM

Exactly, they wait just below the surface, the deer is drinking then WHAM!
We have a lot of lakes around here and see it a lot with the swamp bunnies.

Sarasvati48  Thursday Sep 28 01:29 AM

Thats a crocodile, so it can't be anywhere in the States. Croc, broad head, alligator, tapered head...

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Sep 28 05:19 AM

Did you read the press release, linked in UT's post?

The photographs of this deer-eating alligator were taken from the air by Terri Jenkins, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service District Fire Management Officer. She was preparing to ignite a prescribed fire at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, about 40 miles south of Savannah, Georgia, on March 4, 2004.

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