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   Undertoad  Wednesday Mar 20 04:42 PM

3/20: Enemy body count

In light of the recent threads mentioning body count, and the pentagon's insistence that body count is not a proper way to assess the success or failure of the operations, this one came by... telling us that at least *someone* was trying to figure out how many bad guys were blown up.

dave  Wednesday Mar 20 04:46 PM

Er, that's actually not so much "blown up" as it is "casualties inflicted on al Qaeda by US ground troops in the past few weeks". Or that's what I remember from TWIP or whereever it was that I saw it.

Man, I was thinking about posting this one too. Damn I am good at that. Don't wanna steal your thunder though

Soldiers have a sense of humor. Look at the frownie faces on those guys.

Sperlock  Wednesday Mar 20 10:20 PM

I know this may be some way of dealing with the psychological effects of war and combat (and God knows I have no experience with it) and may help the soliders cope, but I couldn't see myself making humor from killing people and seeing them killed. It just seems like a few steps away from taking a picture with you smiling over an enemy solider you just killed (the IOTD from not too long ago).

Don't get me wrong, I support our troops and want them to get home safely. I'm just concerned about anyone that kills people and keeps (a humourous) count.

jaguar  Thursday Mar 21 02:54 AM

That's a nasty motherfucker of a knife.
The whoel bodycount thing remindsme of vietnam, where it was the only ide aof progress thepentagon putout, and its equally meaningless. Its unconfirmable, unrelaible, and well, meaningless, what i want to know is how many are left =)
Maps to put little flags in WW2 style are far more patriotic.

Afghanistan was the Soviets Vietnam, lets see if the US suffers teh same fate.

Hubris Boy  Thursday Mar 21 07:26 AM

Originally posted by jaguar
That's a nasty motherfucker of a knife.
It's an M9 bayonet.

Tobiasly  Thursday Mar 21 10:34 AM

Yeah, and he's holding it like a pencil. Something tells me he didn't really draw all those little guys with that knife.

Joe  Thursday Mar 21 10:34 AM

that's not a knife...

That's damn near a short sword.

dave  Thursday Mar 21 11:32 AM

Re: that's not a knife...

Originally posted by Joe
that's not a knife...
<b>THIS</b> is a knife.

dave  Thursday Mar 21 11:33 AM

Originally posted by Tobiasly
Something tells me he didn't really draw all those little guys with that knife.
What might that something be?

Vegeta  Friday Mar 22 10:17 AM

Wasn't that a scene from "Cast Away"?

I would cry "Photoshop!" but I think that's an MSNBC pic.

dave  Friday Mar 22 10:25 AM

Oh yeah! That <b>is</b> a scene from Cast Away!

That rock there is the give-away. They must have photoshopped in the soldier's arm... and the "War on Terrorism" text... and the "Body Count" text... and the little stick figures... and the big knife.

Good job pointing that out!

Tobiasly  Friday Mar 22 10:29 AM

Originally posted by dhamsaic

What might that something be?
A nail, a utility belt clip, I dunno... just think of how hard it would be to draw those little features with that big ol' knife. Especially the eyes.. they aren't small lines like a knife would make; they're actually points.

Not to mention, I doubt someone with that knife would abuse it like that.. it would sure ruin the tip in a hurry.

I'm reminded of the scene in Crocodile Dundee, where he's shaving with a Bic until he hears the woman coming and switches to his knife. It just looks too much like a photo-op.

dave  Friday Mar 22 10:37 AM

Eh, some of the eyes look like lines to me. More so than points. It wouldn't surprise me.

Maybe Hubris can weigh in - is that bayonet > rock? I know a cheap shitty little knife would wreck itself in a heartbeat on a rock like that (I know! I've done it!), but I don't imagine the US military has those imported from Taiwan for $8 each. Thoughts?

Hubris Boy  Friday Mar 22 03:06 PM

Well... I wouldn't use mine on a rock. It would ruin the tip in a hurry and, they're really sharp. Holding the blade the way the guy in the picture is doing is a good way to lose a finger.

The M9 comes with a handy-dandy wirecutter/screwdriver attachment... maybe they used the screwdriver tip? More likely, they used something else altogether and just shot this photo for giggles.

And no, you're right Dave. They're not cheap. They're made by Buck (yep... the people who make Buck knives), and if you lose yours, you get to pay for it. $80 or $90, I think. I can find out if you're really curious.

dave  Friday Mar 22 03:12 PM

So there ya have it folks... that soldier is either really dumb or tricking the journalist.

Buck makes pretty good knives, I think. I used to be a knife enthusiast when I was younger, but I now tend to learn toward computers. Knives are still pretty fascinating to me.

Wanna lose yours to me for $90 and get a brand new one? hehe

jeni  Friday Mar 22 04:23 PM

strider knives can cut through metal. yippee.

jaguar  Friday Mar 22 06:30 PM

Yea that caught my attention too but i forogt, isn't there a blade both sides?

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