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   Undertoad  Sunday Jun 16 12:32 PM

6/16/2002: Colombian protestors

It's another MSNBC image. These folks have buried themselves in the dirt to protest poverty and marginalization. They are outside a church, and they have announced that they will stay buried here until the mayor arrives to talk to them about their concerns.

I love these guys! They're like the Earth First! dude, except that 1) they're probably cleaner, and 2) they aren't preventing anyone from entering anywhere; they might not even be trespassing. All they want is to be heard.

And while I don't know whether the mayor paid them a visit (if I were the mayor I would definitely go talk to them), but they've now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

And  Sunday Jun 16 04:18 PM

A very queer garden, indeed. They must have some balls to do this. I mean, they can't even go to the bathroom around the corner or anything. I couldn't do that, but not because of the bathroom thing or claustrophobia or anything. The flat-out fear of someone kicking my head would be enough to stop me. Then again, I think that might be part of why they are protesting, to stop their figurative heads getting kicked, I guess.

MaggieL  Sunday Jun 16 06:03 PM

Of course, burying yourself in the dirt to protest being marginalized is a bit like jumping in a pool to protest being wet.

goethean  Sunday Jun 16 11:58 PM

Of course, burying yourself in the dirt to protest being marginalized is a bit like jumping in a pool to protest being wet.

A singularly poor simile. They were marginalized before they were buried. Non-violent, creative protest like this is one of the most potent sources of change. It is infinitely more sophisticated than violent protest. It pressures politicians where they feel it--in appearance.

More <a href=" 77830646">here</a>.

jaguar  Monday Jun 17 03:03 AM

Hearhear, good on them.

russotto  Monday Jun 17 01:22 PM

The way a real tyranny handles protests like this is singularly effective: another foot of dirt.

goethean  Monday Jun 17 01:29 PM


True. They do assume a modicum of freedom of expression. But skillful non-violent protest can work even against the most apathetically evil and powerful forces. cf. Gandhi vs. The British Empire.

So economic tyranny, i.e. overwhelmingly insurmountable poverty, is not tyranny?

Hubris Boy  Monday Jun 17 09:39 PM

The poor will always be with us.

We've had almost fifty years of money-vomiting, Great Society-style social programs here in the U.S., and while some of them have been marginally successful, most have been expensive failures.

It's amazing... you can't get rid of poverty by giving money to poor people.

jaguar  Tuesday Jun 18 12:50 AM

Very true, there *always* will be poverty. On the other hand if enough people get pissed off, which wouldn't suprise me in this case, things do happen, ghandi is the obvious example.

Just a matter of beating societies shit-tollerance level.

classicman  Tuesday Dec 25 12:41 PM


JuancoRocks  Wednesday Dec 26 10:53 PM

Colombian protestors

" I'm against protesters, but I don't know how to show it"
(Mitch Hedberg)

TheMercenary  Friday Dec 28 12:18 PM

Every time I look at this picture all I can think of is "FORE!"

classicman  Friday Dec 28 12:22 PM

ok, I gotta ask. I thought the climate in Columbia was hot. If that is correct, why are they all wearing hats?

busterb  Friday Dec 28 09:52 PM

why are they all wearing hats?
To keep the fucking sun off their heads! Hello!

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Dec 28 11:18 PM

It's chilly in the mountains.

SPUCK  Sunday Dec 30 05:47 AM

We are protesting the fact tha...




NO!!! Get that dog outta here!!!

We aren't - ARRRGH!!

Fire hydrants..

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