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   Undertoad  Monday Jul 1 12:53 PM

7/1/2002: Panda porn

A few decades back China gave the U.S. two pandas as a gift. The zookeepers tried to get them to mate, but they never got the job done.

Maybe they just needed a good VHS of some really hot panda love.

Because this is what they're trying now, in China: this zookeeper is showing a male giant panda a tape of two other pandas. <i>Doing it.</i>

Does it work? Apparently it does, because the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center has successfully taken 20 pandas in 1998 up to 55 pandas now.

vsp  Monday Jul 1 03:12 PM

Re: 7/1/2002: Panda porn

Okay, this may be a stupid question, BUT...

Can the panda even _see_ the image on the screen? I know that (for example) a dog's vision is quite different from a human's; from what I've read, a dog would see at most a wildly flickering image.

The sounds of panda-rutting would still get through, of course...

verbatim  Monday Jul 1 03:14 PM

Who'se worse: the people who show the panda porn, or the people who made it?

warch  Monday Jul 1 04:16 PM

Porn? hem, I prefer the phrase "erotic panda edu-tainment".

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