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   Undertoad  Tuesday Jul 2 01:11 PM

7/2/2002: Dog-washing machine

This is the "Pet Spa", a new machine for dog-washing. It has 37 nozzles and a bunch of blow driers.

The inventor hopes to mass-produce the machine by the end of the year, but... come on!

Maybe it's a result of having 12-pound dogs that don't mind bathing, but I can't see subjecting the dog to this kind of weird terror. I'm guessing that "Lougy" here wants out...

Seems to me that the secret to dog ownership is to think from the point of view of the dog. Your dog takes cues from you. If your dog thinks the bath is a good thing, bathing your dog will be easy. Your dog will think a bath is a good thing if you say so. So train your dog to enjoy baths when s/he is a puppy, using a calming, encouraging voice.

It will never be a problem unless your beast is truly out of control. In which case I recommend a small pen, a bucket of sudsy water, and a garden hose.

dave  Tuesday Jul 2 01:33 PM

It actually works with cats too. I saw it on TV when I was out in CA and it was pretty OK. Alright, enough with the 2 letter abbreviations... it would be really handy for cats though, since they <b>hate</b> baths but still need them.

I would pay $15 to put my cat in there once a month or so and get it a nice bath.

Joe  Tuesday Jul 2 02:03 PM


I'm glad they built that thing with a good solid door with a sturdy latch.

I'd imagine most dogs would be banging around in there like a BB in a tin can trying to escape.

BrianR  Tuesday Jul 2 03:00 PM

I dunno

My Basset Hound just freezes or even sits down in the bath.
My Pit Bull gets clipped to a handy-dandy eyebolt installed in the tub just for this purpose.

How does this machine keep water and soap from getting into a dogs' ears?


dave  Tuesday Jul 2 03:34 PM

The soap has been forumlated so that it won't do any damage to the animal, IIRC.

jaguar  Tuesday Jul 2 07:31 PM

Cats don't need baths...

dave  Tuesday Jul 2 11:12 PM

Uh, some do. Hence the availability of Feline Shampoo And The Like.

MaggieL  Tuesday Jul 2 11:35 PM

Originally posted by dhamsaic
Uh, some do. Hence the availability of Feline Shampoo And The Like.
Like Major Medical.

Ever try to bathe a cat? It's best done from a distance of 20 feet with a hose and a floor drain.

dave  Wednesday Jul 3 12:14 AM

Exactly. Hence my willingness to plop down $15 or $20 to let this do it for me.

tokenidiot  Wednesday Jul 3 12:14 AM

Harry doesn't mind baths. He just sits in the tub. I suspect he likes it, though I don't think he'd admit it.
As for cats not needing baths... uh... right. My cat is way too fat to clean herself, as a large portion of cats are.

CharlieG  Wednesday Jul 3 08:00 AM

Some dogs LOVE baths

I have a friend who had a dog that LOVED baths - it was really silly. When you went to take a shower, the pooch would BEG to get in with you! That's the way my friend used to bathe the dog - strip down to skivys or nothing, hop in the shower, and call the dog. The dog would hop in, and get a shower! Easy enough that the dog would get a bath 2x-3x/week

Katkeeper  Wednesday Jul 3 09:13 AM

Obviously it is easier to give a cat a bath than put him/her on a diet!

Mine gets grooming to remove extra hair but fortunately does his own washing.

I would think a major use of the machine would be in those pet grooming places that seem to be everywhere.

LordSludge  Wednesday Jul 3 10:26 AM

Cat bath: I thought that's what the toilet was for...? Squirt in a little shampoo, toss Fluffy in, close the lid, and flushy-flushy for 3-5 minutes!

Just kidding, actually my cat is superclean.

Senor Oso  Wednesday Jul 3 04:58 PM


I wonder if that thing could stand up to a 150-pound St. Bernard who hates baths.

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