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   Undertoad  Tuesday Oct 22 01:18 PM

10/22/2002: Boeing's Bird of Prey

War is hell. Amongst the bad parts of war are death, destruction, mayhem, risk, pain, injustice, etc.

Which makes it quite obscene to enjoy the parts of war that some people would call "really wickedly cool". The technology, the accomplishments, the strategy, the really wild videos of stuff blowing up, the night vision cameras watching tracer shots trying vainly to take out some hidden aircraft. We should never forget that these are nothing more than unfortunate side-effects of the struggle to kill effectively. There's nothing "cool", nothing to enjoy about the machinery or war.

<b>P S Y C H E !</b> Gotcha! Hee hee hee.

Let's all sit back and enjoy the latest equipment from Boeing. It's a new variety of stealth fighter, built to hold a single pilot but which may eventually wind up being unmanned.

Called the "Bird of Prey", it's intended to be incredibly stealthy. The Boeing press release sums it up.

The whole project was classified under the deep, dark recesses of the black budgets where taxpayers suddenly have no way to know what's happening with their money. This plane was started in 1992 and probably had several test flights at "Area 51" but the general public didn't hear anything until last Friday. (No "stealth" puns plz)

This thing is a "technology demonstrator" built fairly cheaply to show what can be done. (So maybe we will have to wait until the *next* war to see planes based on these concepts... not the upcoming war.) Speculation is that it will eventually be able to change colors with special panels on its bottom side, doing a chameleon act against the sky, and making it safe to run sorties during the day that normally would have waited until night.

perth  Tuesday Oct 22 01:32 PM

i suppose the design is purely functional, because that is one ugly-ass plane.

if i had to say there was one nice thing about living in colorado springs, its that i get to see lots of cool military aircraft in action. we have norad, the airforce base and the airforce academy. sundays in fall are especially cool, when the afa falcons have a home game. demonstrations before the game and at halftime. its wicked cool.


dave  Tuesday Oct 22 01:39 PM

Originally posted by perth
i suppose the design is purely functional, because that is one ugly-ass plane.
Not that you'd ever actually see it...

Undertoad  Tuesday Oct 22 02:10 PM

One more thing - if you download the entire 50MB file of the Bird of Prey in flight, expect about 40 MB of that to be marketing.

The marketing of war. My Ghod.

perth  Tuesday Oct 22 02:15 PM

Originally posted by dave

Not that you'd ever actually see it...
thank god. its like the 'new beetle' of stealth aircraft.


dave  Tuesday Oct 22 02:20 PM

HEY! Goddammit, I like that thing. The New Beetle is stupidly appealing to me for some reason. So just leave it alone.

Beletseri  Tuesday Oct 22 03:04 PM

Hey, that thing is beautiful! Looks like a really jazzed up Burt Rutan design.
We have this one in pieces in my garage

perth  Tuesday Oct 22 03:18 PM

i dunno, it just doesnt do it for me. this, on the other hand, is one of the coolest things ive ever seen.


xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Oct 22 04:58 PM

Nothing new about it. This is ancient history. You ought to see the new stuff!! No black budget here. Boeing spent $65m to prove all sorts of technology (including stealth) they developed.
Of course they have sold that technology to the military on many
other projects.
Have to agree with Perth. The Warthog is very impressive.

Nic Name  Tuesday Oct 22 05:12 PM

Perth's is a Harrier II rather than a Warthog.

Nic Name  Tuesday Oct 22 05:29 PM

The Super Hornet at a cool $48.5 million, armaments extra.

4 crew members died this week in a collision of two unarmed Super Hornets, in a training exercise off the coast of California.

blowmeetheclown  Wednesday Oct 23 09:44 AM

Originally posted by Nic Name
4 crew members died this week in a collision of two unarmed Super Hornets, in a training exercise off the coast of California.
One of those guys was from my area as I recall. Not that I knew him -- I just happened across it in the paper.

perth  Wednesday Oct 23 10:10 AM

Originally posted by Nic Name
Perth's is a Harrier II rather than a Warthog.
in all fairness, tho, the warthog is pretty damn cool too.


xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Oct 23 05:07 PM

I stand corrected.
Hey , does the reply box have spell check?

Undertoad  Wednesday Oct 23 05:20 PM

No spell check yet. Possible in the future, I'm sure.

Double T  Sunday Oct 27 10:30 PM

the new f-22 raptors are supposed to be amazing. I heard one fly over our base and the vibrations could be felt even in my ribs, it woke me up from my daily nap in class

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