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   Undertoad  Saturday Nov 2 03:24 PM

11/2/2002: Luminescent cake

Thanks to Sascha for seeing this and thinking of the IotD. From the Taipei Times Online comes this rich beauty: the cream coating contains an edible protein extracted from red algae endemic to Taiwan.

Mmmmmmmmmm... glowing algae....

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Nov 2 05:44 PM

Glowing poop?

Beletseri  Saturday Nov 2 06:02 PM

Depends on transiet time I would imagine. There is a lifetime to the reaction.

tandr  Sunday Nov 3 04:33 PM

Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
Glowing poop?
this was my first thought too, but wait a second... Proteins get splitted and ABSORBED by the body. Does it means that by eating lotsa these cakes you will (after long time) have glowing skin? Or eyes?

elSicomoro  Sunday Nov 3 04:49 PM

It could put the glow in the dark condom out of business.

tandr  Sunday Nov 3 10:48 PM

Originally posted by sycamore
It could put the glow in the dark condom out of business.
... or opposite? Would you eat this glowing cake in the morning after that you had nice night-long sex with glowing condoms? Or saw them in the shop just before you saw the cake?

MaggieL  Sunday Nov 3 11:31 PM

Ya know, maybe I spent too much time in head shops back in th e day...but that picture looks to me like that cake is *flourescent*, not "luminescent". I think it''s illuminated with a black light out-of-frame. I bet this cake is a lot less spectacular--in fact quite ordinary--if viewed in ordinary room light.

Flourescence is emitting light of one wavelength while absorbing by light of another wavelength. Most laundry detergents include "whiteners" that flouresce when illuminated with the UV in sunlight, for example. (note the white portions of the printed cloth the cake is sitting on) And the "black-light" posters and body paints of a bygone era were made with pigments flourescent when illuminated with UV.

Luminescenece is emitting as light energy from some other source, often chemical or radioactive. Examples are "light sticks", fireflies, etc.
I'm pretty sure I read some recent genetic engineering story that had some poor creature reprogrammed to be luminescent.

It's still a pretty pic, though.

Cam  Monday Nov 4 12:16 AM

I thought something was odd about that pictures. I think your right Maggie. You can do some strange things with Flourescent lights. It's fun to make things have that eerie glow, especially around Halloween.

Vegeta  Monday Nov 4 11:50 AM

Originally posted by MaggieL
I'm pretty sure I read some recent genetic engineering story that had some poor creature reprogrammed to be luminescent.
You don't happen to mean the glow-in-the-dark duck at Scary Go Round, do you? No, of course you don't.

j03L10T  Monday Nov 4 11:55 AM

Eye candy!

The only other time that I can recall ever seeing these sort of colors was after having a bite from something far less appealing to the sight. Makes me think of Disneyland, and that mad hatter tea ride for some reason. Anyway, my thoughts of it..thanx, may I have a bite?

perth  Monday Nov 4 11:58 AM

maggie, might it have been this?


Undertoad  Monday Nov 4 12:02 PM

Or this?

MaggieL  Monday Nov 4 12:29 PM

More like something along the lines of this

The fish is luminescent, the rabbit only the cake.

perth  Monday Nov 4 12:45 PM

ah, i forgot all about that. i remembered reading that the rabbit was luminescent, but upon re-reading, i saw that i remembered incorrectly. thought maybe you had done the same, so i posted anyways.


j03L10T  Monday Nov 4 01:34 PM

My favorite-

I can't seem to decide between the phosphourescent cake, or the hybrid piggie. I think if he were mine I would feed him well and probably name him "Wilbur". And he would live long and prosper and unknowingly net heroine shippers a hefty sum of money by merely oinking as only he could. "That sure is SUM PIG!!", I can hear them shouting from behind the locked doors of a few poorly maintained prison cells. And just before everyone else lives happily ever after, several mysterious tiny bolts of lightning emmenate from some of the windows of the same prison cells and light up the evening sky with broad, bright, and a most ledgible description that reads as follows: WE NEED MORE CAKE!! (doesn't make much sense to me, either)

Just another brief thought to help to kill the time.

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