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   Undertoad  Friday Nov 8 06:13 PM

11/8/2002: Albino squirrel

A white squirrel munches on some nuts in Olney, Ill., Saturday Oct. 12, 2002. A rare colony of albino squirrels lives in Olney and the town attracted squirrel nuts from across the country to mark 100 years since the squirrels were first spotted. Retired zoology professor John Stencel says the colony of about 200 albino squirrels is one of three known in North America. They are all white, with pink eyes.

Mrs. UT says they had an albino squirrel on the Penn State campus in the mid 80s.

(ref. The Simpsons)
Principal Skinner: "You'll be getting an Albanian [exchange student]." Homer: "You mean all white with pink eyes?"

I hate being late to post Friday images. Sorry folks.

Nic Name  Friday Nov 8 07:36 PM

These guys are quite rare and are found Olney in Illinois.

Nic Name  Friday Nov 8 08:00 PM

Gun-Totting Grandad Gets His Terrorist Squirrel

LONDON (Reuters) - Today - A squirrel which terrorized a British town by attacking people has been shot and killed by the grandfather of its latest victim.

Geoff Horth, enraged by the squirrel biting his two-year-old grand-daughter Kelsi Morley on the face, took up his airgun and hunted down the rogue rodent, the Sun newspaper said on Friday.

"When I tracked him down I was surprised how big he was. He came down a tree and headed for me, but I shot him before he jumped," the 61-year-old school caretaker told the newspaper.

The bad-tempered squirrel's reign of terror in the town of Knutsford in central England had made parents frightened to let their children out to play.

Animal experts say it is very unusual for squirrels to behave in such an aggressive way toward humans.

Horth was philosophical about his role as gun-totting local hero. "Its a shame he went nuts, but I couldn't let this little beggar hold the town to ransom," he told the newspaper.
This story has all the necessary elements of a hot thread in the Cellar ... gun slingin' .... terrorist huntin' ... brit humour ... gory violence ... and squirrels!

elSicomoro  Saturday Nov 9 01:36 AM

I drove through Olney once. Quiet place...didn't see these squirrels. Given Olney's location (southeastern Illinois, near the Indiana border), they could use all the excitement they can get.

MaggieL  Saturday Nov 9 02:14 AM

Originally posted by sycamore
I drove through Olney once. Quiet place...didn't see these squirrels. Given Olney's location (southeastern Illinois, near the Indiana border), they could use all the excitement they can get.
C'mon...Olney is a neighborhood in Philly. Can't fool me.


<i>Edit: to fix URL: Thanx Nic. Tttttttooo muchh ccccccooffffeee.....</i>

elSicomoro  Saturday Nov 9 02:29 AM

Originally posted by MaggieL
C'mon...Olney is a neighborhood in Philly. Can't fool me.
Now THAT Olney may have more excitement than it really needs.

Oh shit Mags...that site is too funny!

juju  Saturday Nov 9 02:36 AM

Personally, I think the BBC article is much better written.

elSicomoro  Saturday Nov 9 02:50 AM

Then there's this from Ananova.

Nic Name  Saturday Nov 9 02:51 AM

This town is nuts furred.

L O N D O N, Nov. 8 — The small town of Knutsford in Cheshire, England, is resting easier after a menacing, bloodthirsty, though somewhat furry, terrorist was shot and killed by a vengeful grandfather.

Cam  Saturday Nov 9 03:04 AM

I was attacked by a squirrel once. actually I was taking senior pictures and was standing next to a tree with Kakies on. This squirrel ran up to me and climbed halfway up my leg before he realized what was going on. Was quite a surprise at the time.

Nic Name  Saturday Nov 9 03:06 AM

Did he get your nuts?

kbarger  Saturday Nov 9 10:04 AM

Re: 11/8/2002: Albino squirrel

Originally posted by Undertoad
Mrs. UT says they had an albino squirrel on the Penn State campus in the mid 80s.
There was one who hung out in our back yard at one point when I was growing up. (I believe my brother still has it--stuffed and mounted.)

blase  Saturday Nov 9 12:31 PM

Squirrel Fishing!

Squirrel Fishing!

Cam  Saturday Nov 9 01:10 PM

Originally posted by Nic Name
Did he get your nuts?
Nope he was a couple inches away
Truely the little guy just looked shocked when he realized what he'd done.

elSicomoro  Saturday Nov 9 01:17 PM

There is a large maple tree outside my apartment that almost touches my balcony. The squirrels that hang out there are incredibly docile...they come up to my balcony door all the time.

MaggieL  Saturday Nov 9 01:18 PM

Originally posted by blase
Squirrel Fishing!

Squirrel Fishing!
Thanks....that's the site I was looking for when I found that other one.

Katkeeper  Monday Nov 11 06:52 AM

There used to be a white squirrel along Lear Lane in Boiling Springs PA that I would see when biking. it got hit by a car and a couple whpo used to feed it had it stuffed.

Another sighting was along Wesley Drive in Mechanicsburg, about 10 miles from the Boiling Springs location.

They are easy to see...

kisrael  Monday Nov 11 11:24 AM

Tufts University had an "albino" squirrel in the mid 1990s, I have a picture of it somewhere.

warch  Monday Nov 11 12:10 PM

I have a real life squirrel attack story:
Mpls, 1989.
I was single, living in an older apt, third floor walk up. My bedroom window sported a small air conditioner in the window next to my bed. Because the side extensions didnt quite fit the larger window, I had added a small board to the long side. One night I heard the scratching. It continued. I could just see a bit looking down through the window from on top of the air conditioner. No critter spotted, but a nest was being built. Whatever, I'm a renter, its cute, maybe baby birds. It worsened. Gnawing, chomping, major wood removal. Sawdust. It was coming through the board. I called the super, he was casual, he'd come see it soon. The nights were filled with chewing- 8 feet from my head. I would bang on the window. Yell and make vicious barking dog noises. From the window top I could see momma- no tail, just a stump- she lunged at my face, sharp, pointy teeth exposed, hitting the glass. I growled back. I applied more layers of board, the holes continued to grow. Running out of barrier materials I stuffed notebooks, tin foil, shoe boxes, an ice tray. No super. I went on the assault. Windex and 409 sprayed through the crumbling barrier. Die Die you Bitch. The squirrel would not be stopped. She stared at me with beady eyes, attacked the glass. Now came the squeaking baby noises. Naked writhing squealing rats.
Finally the laid-back super came. It had been 3 weeks. When he saw the state of my window, I believe he said, "Jesus Christ!" or perhaps it was "Holy shit!". I could see he had a new admiration for my plight. The plan was to remove the a/c and destroy the nest. But where was momma? She was not visible. He began to remove the layers of chewed barrier and became more frightened. He asked if I would please get something to hit mom with if she showed up, pissed. I had a baseball bat cocked and ready. It was going down. Piles of debris, shredded mail, the super's visa bill was recognizable. One bald baby, placed in a shoe box and wisked out to death. No guilt. The window side and sill were chewed away. When the pane was lowered, there was a hole to clear to the outside.

Many months later I was preparing to move to TX with my new spouse. My friend's kid, who was 3 at the time, asked out of the blue, if I was leaving because of the mean squirel, because that was just not right.

Griff  Monday Nov 11 06:11 PM

That was beautiful.

Tobiasly  Monday Nov 11 10:22 PM

Originally posted by warch
I would bang on the window. Yell and make vicious barking dog noises.
Wish I coulda seen that!!

j03L10T  Tuesday Nov 12 01:15 PM

Squirrel pics-

I love to watch squirells, almost more than any other animal that is often photographed. Not too long ago, in the middle of spring I made a hobby out of photographing them. A drink in the other hand as I tip-toed out from behind trees to try to get the best shot possible. It is extremely difficult to do with a camera that only offers a 2x zoom. But anyways, I did manage to spill a few drinks in the process but I tell you that it was anything but wasted time even if none of the pictures were worth a damn in the end. I wonder what sort of camera was used to take such wonderfully focused pictures, and drink to them as well, CHEERS!!

Cam  Tuesday Nov 12 01:19 PM

I walked through one of my friends campuses last weekend and I swear they had the biggest squirrels I had ever seen. The things were the size of a small dog. now that would be something to have clawing at your window. Almost as scary as seeing warch "yell and make vicious barking noises."

j03L10T  Tuesday Nov 12 01:27 PM

You sure it wasn' a dwarf?

My next door neighbor has one, a female that has just delivered a litter of dwarfs. The mother looks just like Droopy from Tom and Jerry and her nipples scrape against the ground as she walks. I don't see how she does it as painful as it looks- but it musn't really be that bad. Hey wow, look at all of this milk!

warch  Tuesday Nov 12 03:29 PM

Almost as scary as seeing warch "yell and make vicious barking noises."
Beware the creature that interupts my REM state.

wolf  Thursday Nov 21 08:09 PM

The white squirrels are also prevalent hereabouts ... they are a fairly common sight on the Norristown State Hospital property -- I see them when they let me out for walks . And there's a black squirrel that comes to raid my bird feeder.

Katkeeper  Friday Nov 22 07:57 AM

Princeton New Jersey has a whole group of black squirrels. I saw them there years ago, and a friend has seen them on the Princeton campus recently.

Nic Name  Friday Nov 22 08:03 AM

Click on the image ... sqwerls!

Katkeeper  Friday Nov 22 05:04 PM


The chatter around Princeton is that the black squirrels are a result of radioactivity leaking from an experiment somewhere in the Physics Department and causing genetic havoc.

warch  Friday Nov 22 05:22 PM

My alma mater Kent State University has black squirrels and this is the official story:

ten rare black squirrels were imported from Canada in February 1961 by Larry Woodell, superintendent of grounds, and M. W. Staples, a
retired executive of the Davey Tree Expert Company. When first released, the large, black-spiked squirrels were frequently mistaken for
skunks. Today they own the campus. The Black Squirrel Festival started in 1981 as a day-long event held on the Student Center Plaza to introduce new students to campus and community organizations. Now it features barbeques, live bands, and local artisans.

Here is the magnet you can buy while overpaying for your books:

Griff  Friday Nov 22 07:56 PM

Originally posted by warch

Now it features barbeques...
I hadn't realized they were off the endangered species list.

crap now even warch is attaching pictures, I gotta get on the stick

MaggieL  Monday Dec 9 12:43 AM

Originally posted by MaggieL

Thanks....that's the site I was looking for when I found that other one.
Actually, no it wasn't. *This* is the right one. It was forced offline back in 2001 sometime, but Gwennie found it in the Wayback Machine--unfortunately some of the images were not archived. :

Your reply here?

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