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   Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 8 12:11 PM

1/8/2003: Bag collector

What strange collections of impulses are we humans.

From a story here on Ananova, this eccentric woman has collected 2500 plastic supermarket bags. No reason, she claims; it was just accidental, she claims; she'd just put away all the goods and stuff the bag into the closet until there were thousands and thousands of bags in the closet. Why, her boyfriend had to tell her it was becoming a problem, she claims.

But you know and I know that it couldn't possibly be accidental, and we're just happy that the woman has developed a harmless little oddity, as opposed to all those folks who develop more serious peccadilloes (?) and then they have to be dealt with by wolf.

dave  Wednesday Jan 8 12:45 PM

Re: 1/8/2003: Bag collector

Originally posted by Undertoad
... No reason, she claims; it was just accidental, she claims; ... her boyfriend had to tell her it was becoming a problem, she claims.

ferkelparade  Wednesday Jan 8 01:15 PM

Actually, I can understand her. I do the same thing with beer bottles.

tpsreport  Wednesday Jan 8 01:24 PM


And this is newsworthy how? I imagine that I have a couple hundred bags myself under the kitchen sink. I've been meaning to get rid of them for awhile now, but maybe I should continue to grow the collection to get my picture in the news?

The picture looks like it could have a lot more than 2500 bags. She must not be compressing them well.

99 44/100% pure  Wednesday Jan 8 01:40 PM

According to the accompanying article, she has these bags stuffed around other things in the cabinet. Imagine trying to dig out a can of tuna!

Thanks for posting this -- now I can tell my honey to quit bitching about all the stuff I save for the kids to use for "projects." He's like to take a blowtorch to it all.

Undertoad  Wednesday Jan 8 02:30 PM


Say wha...?

warch  Wednesday Jan 8 02:52 PM

Remember: these bags are not toys.

Nothing But Net  Wednesday Jan 8 04:23 PM

Publicity stunt?


This is all just a prelude to putting her 'world famous' plastic bag collection up for sale on e-Bay.

And some fool schmoe will surely buy it...

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Jan 8 05:17 PM

But, she's the best looking bag lady I've ever seen.

verbatim  Wednesday Jan 8 05:24 PM

two words:

Obsessive Compulsive.

wolf  Wednesday Jan 8 08:42 PM

So wait a minute ... If I can amass enough of something, I'm not just letting it pile up anymore? I can claim to be COLLECTING? Whee hee .... lessee ... books, dust, swords, ammo ...

(I would think that her mass of bags could only truly be considered a collection if there were no duplicates and she had them carefully arranged or cataloged or something. I remember seeing a piece on one of those goofy TV shows about some woman whose home was inundated with refrigerator magnets. She had to have additional metal panels installed throughout her home to hold them. THAT woman was obsessed, but did get a Guinness entry out of it.)

Elspode  Wednesday Jan 8 10:39 PM

"Ain't no drag...papa's got a brand new bag!" Ow!

-James Brown, "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"

dave  Thursday Jan 9 06:23 AM

Originally posted by Undertoad
Say wha...?
Repetition kills me.

bobspoon  Thursday Jan 9 06:45 AM

Re: Newsworthy?

Originally posted by tpsreport
And this is newsworthy how?
This lady is from England, and was in the news because a national supermarket launched a competition to find the person with the most stashed plastic bags in the country, and her boyfriend nominated her.

I hear you ask, But Why? Because that particular supermarket is launching a new type of re-usable plastic bag for it's customers, which they hope will stop people using hundreds of bags each every year which just take up landfill.

So nope, it was nothing interesting.

I suppose the only thing that caught my lazy eye was that in the OTHER picture I saw of this news extravaganza there were loads of the supermarket's own-brand bags stuffed strategically into the heap, whereas I see none at all here.

blowmeetheclown  Thursday Jan 9 09:54 AM

Re: Newsworthy?

Originally posted by tpsreport
She must not be compressing them well.
I wonder what algorithm she's using.

bartman  Thursday Jan 9 10:51 AM

Originally posted by ferkelparade
Actually, I can understand her. I do the same thing with beer bottles.
The thing is, enough beer bottles will buy you more beer if returned.

Thadius  Thursday Jan 16 12:36 AM

' Now where did I put that reciept...'

kabomba  Saturday Jan 18 07:23 AM

She could save space by putting those in a big bag, you know. btw, xoxoxoBruce, she is a hottie, isn't she?

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