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   Undertoad  Monday Jan 13 12:07 PM

1/13/2003: Amish barn move

Tip o' the hat to Slithy Tove.

Dateline rural Iowa. A couple buys a load of farmland to put up a new cookie-cutter housing development. They buy the buildings on the land too, but they don't need the 160-foot-long turkey farm so they auction it off.

At 9:30 ayem the Amish folk arrived, divided the building up into four parts, then "on three - 1, 2, 3", they picked up part number one and marched down the highway.

And they steered it, too - "on west, brother" and all 150 of them turned right.

Hup, hup, hup. With only human power, they get the job done. How did they know it would work, or how many man to bring to the task? Who knows?

But four hours later, the barn was moved, one mile west.

full story

Cochese  Monday Jan 13 12:45 PM

What would make this story funnier is if they had won it via Ebay.

goethean  Monday Jan 13 03:01 PM

How did they know it would work, or how many man to bring to the task?
They're allowed to use arithmetic, right?

tjennings  Monday Jan 13 04:51 PM

Looks like some sort of Flintstone's mass transit system.

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jan 13 05:46 PM

They bring everyone for everything.

warch  Monday Jan 13 06:27 PM

This is a great Monday image. I hate to throw stuff away too. thanks!

chrisinhouston  Tuesday Jan 14 10:46 AM

How about Stonehenge? As I recall from my last visit to show my wife and son, the big upright blocks came from Wales and were moved 150 miles by pre Bronze age people.

Cochese  Tuesday Jan 14 06:03 PM

Originally posted by chrisinhouston
How about Stonehenge?
I don't think they got a pic of them doing it though.

quzah  Wednesday Jan 15 01:38 AM

Ok, I'll set it up, you guys finish...

"How many Amish does it take to move a barn?"


richlevy  Tuesday Jan 28 08:50 PM

I thought the Amish did not appreciate having their pictures taken.

Elspode  Tuesday Jan 28 11:15 PM

The trick is to take it while they're busy and have their hands full, then run.

Uryoces  Wednesday Jan 29 03:55 PM

The Amish have some modern conveniences, they're just very choosy about what they introduce. You'll find some Amish tooling around on rollerblades. It's good exercise. They do have a few cell phones, but it's mostly for business and emergencies, and strictly controlled of course.

the picture looks like an Amish version of a motor home.

lhand  Wednesday Jan 29 04:53 PM

Amish on rollerblades?

I'm really having trouble forming that image in my head. Wow. That's a picture I'd really like to see.

Elspode  Wednesday Jan 29 05:00 PM

A few years ago I saw two Amish women rollerblading in the parking lot of a small auto repair shop in rural Missouri. We came around the bend on a backwater county highway, and there they were. I almost drove off the road.

I have always wished I had a camera ready that day.

russotto  Thursday Jan 30 04:13 PM

A company called Zephyr Tours does in-line skate tours of various places. One of the less-interesting places is Lancaster County -- and they use rollerblading Amish guides.

I believe the Amish objection to being photographed only extends to their face. In any case, the Zephyr brochures have plenty of pictures of the backs of the Amish guides.

Uryoces  Thursday Jan 30 05:56 PM

I think the no-photo clause may be an extension of 'Thou shalt make no graven image'. I personally have no problem hamming it up for the camera.

juju  Friday Jan 31 11:23 AM


lhand  Friday Jan 31 01:01 PM


Juju, you've made my day!

juju  Friday Jan 31 01:03 PM

Here at the Cellar, we aim to please. B^)

Hey, I kinda feel like I'm in that Volkswagon commerical.

wolf  Saturday Feb 1 01:02 AM

Surely rollerblades are hochmut, and therefore against the Ordnung ...

Although I guess if they are black and don't have buttons, they might be okay.

It would be one heck of a thing to get shunned for, though.

blowmeetheclown  Saturday Feb 1 03:41 PM

Sa-weet! Amish lesbians. I guess they don't get to use any battery-op toys, though.

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