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   Undertoad  Wednesday Feb 26 01:06 PM

2/26/2003: New Japanese style

A cheesecake moment on the IotD? Nope. What you're looking at there isn't what you think you're looking at. It's a new trend in Tokyo: the booty there is not actual, it's a DESIGN. Probably silkscreened.

How much of a trend isn't certain, but this page is where the pic came from, and IT says this is a trend. I read it on the Intarweb so it MUST be true!

There are four other examples on that page.

Yet another bit of Japanese culture that I don't understand. But it's interesting.

windhund  Wednesday Feb 26 01:17 PM

This is great. The next best thing to actually having a nice looking butt? Creating the illusion of one! Works for me (seeing as how my real butt would need major liposuction to even be halfway decent).

wolf  Wednesday Feb 26 02:14 PM

Do you think that this would be most appropriately accessorized with a nipple scarf?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Feb 26 02:16 PM

Or this.

wolf  Wednesday Feb 26 02:28 PM


I wonder if the outfits come in different color variations, so the carpet can match the drapes, so to speak.

wolf  Wednesday Feb 26 02:31 PM

Thank goodness!!

I was checking out that couture website and encountered the following message ... "Der Shop ist zur Zeit geschlossen."

Will the fact that you can't buy this stuff increase the demand? And when will the cheap knock-offs start appearing in WalMart?

dave  Wednesday Feb 26 02:33 PM

Since I'm still German n00b... that says basically "The shop is temporarily closed"... right? Or no?

All my books got burnt :\

Er... I just looked up Zeit... looks like it's probably more like "The shop is presently closed." ("The shop is closed at this time" I guess is the literal translation?) :\ oh well

wolf  Wednesday Feb 26 02:37 PM

I was translating it as "The shop is closed at this time"

No matter how you say it ... you can't buy any of that weirdness at the moment ...

tw  Wednesday Feb 26 05:08 PM

Another popular and new trend in Japan is to color hair. Also becoming acceptable even in conservative office environments. Multicolor is also more commonly observed in Japan. The only color that is not popular .... black.

warch  Wednesday Feb 26 05:26 PM

So you can buy the birthday suit suits off the rack, for all those occasions, be they protests, public art projects, or simply bar hopping. I'm envisioning an expansion into bulky knits and outerwear. Screenprinted GorTex.

SteveDallas  Wednesday Feb 26 05:38 PM

LOL.. This is hilarious. Only in Japan. I can't wait to see when somebody tries to start selling these in the US... it's inevitable!

perth  Wednesday Feb 26 07:49 PM


too bad tho.


jaguar  Wednesday Feb 26 08:13 PM

It's on fark, it's fake, photoshopped.

Undertoad  Wednesday Feb 26 09:47 PM

Damn! Hoaxed agin!

juju  Wednesday Feb 26 10:11 PM

Man, I <i>knew</i> they looked photoshopped, but I didn't say anything 'cause I didn't want to be wrong about it. Curses!

Bitman  Wednesday Feb 26 10:21 PM

Dude, gotta brush up on your critical thinking skills. Notice how the butt-print rotates in 3D with the skirt? That just aint right.

In other news:

Business people around the world have contacted Kjeld Duits, a Japan-based journalist and fashion photographer, asking him where they can get their hands on some of these skirts to import them to their own countries.
So does this mean we'll be seeing these anyway?

SteveDallas  Wednesday Feb 26 10:33 PM

Originally posted by Bitman
So does this mean we'll be seeing these anyway?
Oh, now that the idea is in the air, I'd bet on somebody to give it a try.

slang  Wednesday Feb 26 10:41 PM

Originally posted by jaguar
It's on fark, it's fake, photoshopped.
God dammit! I was looking forward to seeing this here.

novice  Thursday Feb 27 12:17 AM

are u saying that i may in fact be looking at the real image of these girls albeit reproduced? ok i gotta go and um i gotta go

wolf  Thursday Feb 27 01:09 AM

I seem to recall that in the mid '80s such things WERE available. There was a tee shirt that looked like a "wet tee shirt" ... I remember a scene in the movie Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines where they were walking down a street or boardwalk area or something wearing them. Of course, for maximum comedic effect, Billy was wearing the black one, and Gregory the white one.

jeni  Thursday Feb 27 01:36 AM

yeah, paul pointed out that the girl in the orange skirt is tilted a little, but that the butt looks straight with her back.

or in other words, since i cannot properly form sentences...

the design would not be on the skirt crooked if it were real.

and i agree that the butts and the legs match up too perfectly for these to be real.

paul is smrat. i love him.

perth  Thursday Feb 27 10:37 AM

Originally posted by novice
are u saying that i may in fact be looking at the real image of these girls albeit reproduced? ok i gotta go and um i gotta go
i shot tea out my nose at that. hot tea. novice, youre an asshole.


And  Thursday Feb 27 11:00 AM

There's a small fetish demographic that deals with x-ray voyeurism fiction, though I've only ever seen it with any frequency on newsgroups. I imagine they would find this very interesting.

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