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   Undertoad  Friday Mar 7 01:45 PM

3/7/2003: Mini bull!

Happy Friday to Sperlock for suggesting this for a Friday image. It's from this Miniature Bull web site.

And no, it's not photoshopping this time -- I'm nearly certain!

Not far from where I grew up there was a miniature horse farm. I mentioned this before but one of my science teachers used the mini horses as an example in a class. He was teaching us genetics, and pointed out that while a lot of people focus on genetic mutation as where evolution gets kicked off, we really have a lot of genetic variation built into us right now.

And enough genetic variation in bulls and horses that, if you really wanted to, you could produce tiny ones in a few generations.

dave  Friday Mar 7 02:07 PM

Linky linky brokey brokey.

Undertoad  Friday Mar 7 02:17 PM


xoxoxoBruce  Friday Mar 7 09:34 PM

Since these things aren't good for anything except pets, I wonder if it's a plot by the carpet industry.

elSicomoro  Friday Mar 7 09:48 PM

Or seat cover makers

Nothing But Net  Friday Mar 7 10:05 PM

Small venue cow plop bingo

Sperlock  Friday Mar 7 10:13 PM

Interestingly enough there is a place I drive by coming home from work that supposedly sells miniature horses. Haven't seen any of them, however.

I seem to be in a strange enough mood tonight, wanting to tell this very bad joke:

What do you call a sleeping bull?

A bull dozer.

I haven't even taken my medication yet.

Akhasha  Friday Mar 7 10:49 PM

Small Livestock

Animals this size are more efficient for small farms, they are far from useless. They don't take as long to mature and harvesting one should render a few weeks worth of meat to throw in the freezer. Being smaller also means their hooves will do less soil damage. They are advocated for use in permaculture
The downside is a karmic/ethical one - it means snuffing out more mammalian sentience for a given amount of meat. Not that this bothers many people...

wolf  Saturday Mar 8 02:10 AM

These bitty-bulls have many uses.

Midget Rodeo just got a lot more viable.

The excitement and joys of livestock farming are now available to people in apartments or with small backyards.

They are also perfect for cheesesteaks. One bull, one roll, one steak.

Also, talk about your niche market ... miniature cow milk. Guaranteed not to contain any bovine growth hormone.


jaguar  Saturday Mar 8 02:21 AM

Midget Rodeo just got a lot more viable.
You've been watching too much jackass

elSicomoro  Saturday Mar 8 02:30 AM

...and they were called mini-moos...

elSicomoro  Saturday Mar 8 02:31 AM

Originally posted by wolf
Midget Rodeo just got a lot more viable.
The Big Dwarf Rodeo

wolf  Saturday Mar 8 02:34 AM

Originally posted by jaguar

You've been watching too much jackass
I've never seen jackass. I'm out of the demographic. I'm not allowed.

Being Australian, jag, you probably don't know that once you turn 30 in america they take MTV off your cable system. It's replaced at that point by VH1.

When you hit 40, VH1 goes, and you have Lifetime and The Food Network.

Nothing But Net  Saturday Mar 8 02:42 AM

Big Dwarf Rodeo, and Cow Plop Bingo, for that matter, would be excellent names for rock bands!

How about the Cellar Orchestra?

Does anyone play? I'm OK with a harmonica and my vocal cords are Rod Stewartish (due to 30 years of smoking)

With today technology we don't even have to be together. This could be interesting.

Anyone have sound mix software?

elSicomoro  Saturday Mar 8 04:05 AM

Originally posted by Nothing But Net
Big Dwarf Rodeo, and Cow Plop Bingo, for that matter, would be excellent names for rock bands!
"Big Dwarf Rodeo" is actually the name of a Reverend Horton Heat song, from his first album.

I don't do well on instruments, but I do sing/scream/yell/croon/whatever. I still have my mic and Gorilla amp somewhere around here.

Nothing But Net  Saturday Mar 8 04:16 AM

OK, we go with Cow Plop Bingo. I fucking love that name!

Who's going to lay down the bass tracks?

helen  Saturday Mar 8 10:37 AM

Smallest recorded horse was a stallion named Little Pumpkin. He was 14 in high and weighed 20 lbs.......1975

With a name like Little Pumpkin I figure he was more like a house pet. Perhaps he plowed the kitty litter box.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Mar 8 10:50 AM

I stand by useless as the proper description. Look at the website and see the ages of the animals pictured. They don't mature faster. Hooves don't damage the earth. They damage lawns and golf courses which are not natural.

Cam  Saturday Mar 8 02:55 PM

There useless except in terms of entertainment value. Too small to give you enough meat, they're bulls so there meat isn't any good anyways.

wolf  Sunday Mar 9 02:51 AM

Unless they are stamping them out in some factory, there have to be minicows too ...

And if you kill 'em before their balls drop, the meat tastes better.

xoxoxoBruce  Sunday Mar 9 06:08 AM

If you butcher them before their balls drop they'll be veal. If you
(shudder) clip them you'll get mini-beef. I guess they'd be exempt from leash laws. Maybe poop scoopin' too.....Hmmmm.

CodeBlue40  Sunday Mar 9 07:59 PM

Cool. I've been looking for a new belt.

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