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   xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Mar 14 11:41 PM

March 15, 2019: Fashion is Stupid

It was the biggest, smallest thing to come out of Paris fashion week.
Since its debut on the catwalk last week, the Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag has had the fashion world in a spin – and the rest of the planet scratching its head.
Measuring a minuscule 5.2cm (two inches) long, the bag is smaller than a credit card and can fit in the palm of the wearer’s hand.

The diminutive accessory is a mini version of the already small Le Chiquito bag, which was launched last year and is 12cm (4in) by 6cm (2.5in). Le Chiquito retails for around $500 (£380), and had sold out at a range of online suppliers, including Farfetch, Moda operandi, and Saks Fifth Avenue.
This bag is half as big so it should cost twice as much, stands to reason in the logic of fashion.

A price has not yet been set for Le Mini Chiquito, the company said, and there has been speculation online about what exactly they would be able to carry, with people on Twitter joking they might be able to hold one mint, a USB stick or the dignity of the bag owner.
Big enough to carry a dime, reminding Sugar Daddy she can drop a dime if he reneges on his promise to buy her the Moon & Stars.


Griff  Friday Mar 15 07:44 AM

I went shopping for "lounge clothes" for my FiL's Old Folks Home life. There were complaints by the women that guys don't get much color choice. We get what we ask for...

glatt  Friday Mar 15 08:04 AM

Ladies, no pockets for you, but it's ok, because they are giving you a purse to carry it all in.

fargon  Friday Mar 15 08:09 AM

In the middle picture her hand is in a pocket.

fargon  Friday Mar 15 08:13 AM

Keryx carries to much stuff for that, but that's adorable.

Gravdigr  Friday Mar 15 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Big enough to carry...
...the combined common sense of all the fashion designers that ever lived.

Know why it's called 'high fashion'?

Cuz you gotta be be high just to look at that shit.

Gravdigr  Friday Mar 15 12:17 PM

Fashion is Stupid

SPUCK  Monday Mar 18 11:19 PM

Fashion is stupid?? NOooooo.

How can you say this is stupid?

Gravdigr  Tuesday Mar 19 03:14 PM

Originally Posted by SPUCK View Post
How can you say this is stupid?
Like this:

That shit is sofa king stupid.

Glad I been drinking a minute before looking at that.

monster  Tuesday Mar 19 06:31 PM

Did Hermione Granger have anything to do with these bags, though?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Mar 20 12:03 AM

I knew several women who bought/buy men's jeans for the pockets.

Carruthers  Wednesday Mar 20 07:22 AM

Do any of the 'creations' that emerge at fashion shows around the globe, actually make it to the shops?
Have you ever seen the female members of your family, friends or neighbours wear one of these abominations?
My extensive knowledge of haute couture suggests that your answer is probably 'no'.

Incidentally, a few years ago there was an enormous fuss about the fashion 'industry' using models who bore a striking resemblance to cadaverous stick insects rather than more healthily proportioned women.
I remember one designer saying that very thin models were required otherwise 'the clothes didn't hang right'.
As near as you'll get to an example of the crime fitting the punishment rather than the other way around.

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and cancel my subscription to Vogue.

Clodfobble  Wednesday Mar 20 09:29 AM

They know it about themselves, though--Mr. Clod and I used to watch Project Runway, and they would often give contestants shit about their designs being too "off the rack," i.e. normal and wearable. Then someone would give a big speech about how fashion was art, and meant to be representative of more abstract concepts, and how no one tried to tell Picasso that his eyes were all painted crooked.

Gravdigr  Wednesday Mar 20 11:51 AM

Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post one tried to tell Picasso that his eyes were all painted crooked.
His eyes were just panted on?! No wonder his paintings are all kinds of weird...

Griff  Wednesday Mar 20 12:58 PM

Wasn't he the one who forgot to paint his ear on?

Carruthers  Wednesday Mar 20 06:15 PM

Originally Posted by Griff View Post
Wasn't he the one who forgot to paint his ear on?
Somebody had a word in his nose about that.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Mar 20 11:18 PM

Originally Posted by Carruthers View Post
Do any of the 'creations' that emerge at fashion shows around the globe, actually make it to the shops?
Yes, many of them are knocked off by the garment industry, but none of the ones that make the internet.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Apr 5 02:09 AM

The OP said Fashion is Stupid.
That was an understatement.

Gravdigr  Friday Apr 5 12:25 PM

Designed by Skate Spade?

fargon  Friday Apr 5 12:31 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
The OP said Fashion is Stupid.
That was an understatement.
I don't know any females that would wear that, and very few males that would.

Gravdigr  Friday Apr 5 03:19 PM

Johnny Weir would absolutely wear those.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday May 15 12:40 AM

It's not just ladies fashion, guys.

Attachment 67797

Gotta be solid gold with paint on it for that price, right?

Your reply here?

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