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   xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Jun 12 01:59 AM

June 12th, 2019: War Won with Blood and Silver

In the clusterfuck of The War to End All Wars, WW I, the American troops were using French and British ammo because we couldn’t
get enough decent war production going. During the following years there were discussions between Politicians, Military, and Industry
on how to avoid that fiasco if there was another war. Grandiose plans were made, finalized, rehashed, ad nauseam.

There were people appointed, boards formed, and by the middle of the 1930s the majority knew it was coming, especially when they
started sinking our ships. So despite Lindbergh and the peacenik hippies, plans were launched which immediately crashed and burned.
Everyone had wish lists and priorities but there was no boss to mediate scarce resources.

The most in demand and least available, rubber because there was little and no substitute yet. Gasoline/Diesel because we’d need
a lot more. Copper for munitions we’d need a lot of. And Aluminum/Magnesium for aircraft, lots and lots and lots of aircraft.
Except for the rubber we had fair access to the raw materials but had to up production and much much more electricity.
The NRF(National Recovery Finance board) was put in charge of building 13 plants in 11 states to produce Aluminum and Magnesium
but they needed a lot of power in big doses.
One pound of Aluminum requires 3 to 10 Kilowatt hours.
One kilogram of Magnesium takes 80 Kilowatt hours.
Spreading out the factories over 11 states where more power was available helped a little but it would still take a lot of cable to move
the juice. Copper cable, but the copper was needed elsewhere... badly.

So they asked the Treasury if they could borrow a cup of Silver, a 30,000 ton cup.
Treasury says sure but you have to bring a note from your Congress.
Congress cosigned a note good for up to 86,000 tons.
Treasury said they could do it because they had a bunch of Free Silver, meaning it has no immediate financial responsibilities.
What? Shouldn’t it be backing the paper money out there?

So the plan was put in motion. The Military was asked to provide security on the Silver for the duration, but they said, if you
hadn’t noticed we’re fighting a war right now, so pound sand. A private police force was formed to watch the Silver... constantly.

Then from the shadows they heard someone whisper, Psst, I need Silver, maybe 6,000 tons to start, Just send it to whom
it may concern, Oak Ridge, TN.
In order to turbocharge the U-235 atoms into U-238 atoms it’s a uneven process. Then the two have to be separated on the fly.
Both actions take mega-powerful magnets that only Silver can produce reliably.

It worked, the bad guys were whipped, we got the bomb before Germany, and the West Point Bullion Depository in West Point,
New York, a Treasury facility known as “The Fort Knox of Silver”, got back more Silver than they gave out. Likely because every
facility that processed this Silver was in the business of doing that long before this happened. But everyone of them was
completely dismantled and thoroughly cleaned at the end. At the first smelter in Carteret, NJ, they set up a filtration system and
gleaned $250,000 worth from the exhaust air.




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