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   Undertoad  Thursday Jul 10 03:12 PM

7/10/2003: "Hulk" doll fully-equipped

England's Sun has this one. A six-year-old apparently won this Hulk doll at Brighton Pier (similar to US boardwalk piers). Not in this condition -- his shorts originally covered up his frank 'n' beans.

Maybe you'd like him when he's angry?

In the US this would typically result in Parental Outrage(TM), followed closely by ratty lawyers, media attention, etc. In the UK, the young girl is actually pictured in the story, holding the doll and giving it a stern look. Mom's reaction is mild annoyance, but she knows her kid is fine. Personally I prefer the UK's culture in this matter, and it doesn't seem to have torn apart their morality as a people.

Hey, isn't there a Cellar user from near Brighton?

SteveDallas  Thursday Jul 10 03:18 PM

Ahh, I believe he had to cancel his internet service when he was fired from his job. Something about making unauthorized changes to the patterns for some stuffed toys?

one earth  Thursday Jul 10 04:03 PM

Mild annoyance?

Mom did call for them to be banned according to the article, saying kids should not be exposed to this sort of thing. Also says daughter was "horrified". Not sure how you reached your conclusions on this one, UT.

headsplice  Thursday Jul 10 05:03 PM

Nevertheless, the story was printed in the Sun, which while it's Page 3 Girls are fantabulous, is not known as an outlet of straight news. Odds are that here (U.S.of A) someone would end up in court for defiling little Suzie's eyes.

Undertoad  Thursday Jul 10 05:18 PM

Just read the situation. The words "called for a ban" and "horrified" were the Sun's words, not the woman's. But the woman's actual quotes aren't quite so direct.

But the tip-off here is the other picture in the story. At some point, someone made the choice to take a picture of the daughter, holding the doll and looking at it.

If you were an over-protective mother and a tabloid newspaper were coming over, would you allow them to photograph her in that pose? Or would you leave them alone in the room with the girl and the doll and let them figure out what to do?

headsplice  Thursday Jul 10 05:50 PM

Originally posted by Undertoad
Or would you leave them alone in the room with the girl and the doll and let them figure out what to do?
The above, slightly modified, is how I got "the talk."

xoxoxoBruce  Thursday Jul 10 06:08 PM

holding the doll and giving it a stern look
She probably thought it was a green veggie.

99 44/100% pure  Monday Jul 21 11:24 AM

Originally posted by xoxoxoBruce
She probably thought it was a green veggie.
If I could get my cucumbers to "transform" when they're angry, I'd be out yelling at the garden every day!:p

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Jul 21 05:56 PM

Heh, heh, heh.

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