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   Undertoad  Wednesday Aug 6 03:09 PM

8/6/2003: Japanese cosmetics

It always amazes me what marketers manage to sell to folks, especially women, in the name of looking prettier or more perfect or whatnot. Vitamins in your shampoo? Herbs in your conditioner? Acid to burn off your facial skin? Are you sure this is a good idea? I can't remember if your pores are supposed to be open or closed, and I'm sure there's a new market for a body spray that will make one more sexy AND offer SPF 15 protection.

So this is what one Japanese company has come up with. Instead of wearing stockings, you spray this stuff on your legs... it's a "spray-on stocking". It makes one's legs waterproof, but allows air through, and can be removed with soap.

If this actually takes off, I will be offering my own cosmetic product. It's silly string in a can, but with a finer nozzle, and darker tint. I'll be selling it as spray-on body hair. You never know, it just might take off.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 6 04:16 PM

I'll take one of those, UT. Make it

Pie  Wednesday Aug 6 04:36 PM

Why bother? Skin's waterproof, if I remember correctly...

- Pie

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 6 07:11 PM

You're thinking of a frogs butt, Pie. Skin isn't waterproof, that's why it gets white and wrinkly in water. Solvents penetrate much faster.

Annebonannie  Wednesday Aug 6 08:03 PM

Tell you what, put the words "spray", "pantyhose" and "japan" together in your fa-vo-rite search engine and you get porno links galore....but no mention of this product.

By the way, most of those sites appear to be german, wtf!, dirty freaks

juju  Wednesday Aug 6 08:41 PM

Is it good porn?

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 6 09:20 PM

Is there bad porn?:p

Annebonannie  Wednesday Aug 6 09:21 PM

oh, it also comes up with a link to this site:

sort of interesting if you like comics and anime.

Annebonannie  Wednesday Aug 6 09:28 PM

Yes, I am a nerd. Hear me roar. (or just hear the rustle as I turn the pages of my creepy and eerie magazines, the greatest comics ever to grace newsprint!)

It bothers me though, that on this site they give bios for the voice actors for the characters, but no mention is made of the illustrators.

Undertoad  Wednesday Aug 6 09:53 PM

My favorite search engine is -- try that!

Annebonannie  Wednesday Aug 6 10:17 PM

Thanks for the search engine tip. It did the trick and I found the article. It sounds like an interesting product that I would try if not for the fact that I like to keep myself disguised under many layers of bulky clothing and even occasionally a gillysuit.

One of the naysayers interviewed gave a quote about why the spray on hose would not catch on in Canada: "The ritual of putting (pantyhose) on is very womanly."

Unless, of course, you're significantly overweight and then it is more like a wrestling match. I guess donning hose is also not quite so womanly if you are a man, then it hilarious.

Torrere  Thursday Aug 7 01:27 AM

What search engine did you use? My favorite search engine found reference to this product in it's ninth result.

Unknown_Poltroon  Thursday Aug 7 11:01 AM

Its it possible

THat this will take off because of the other trend of not wearing painties that I hear is growing in japan?

SteveDallas  Thursday Aug 7 11:19 AM

This seems stereotypically Japanese to me for some reason... not sure why.

At any rate I don't see any reason this would be related to going panty-less (is it really a growing trend? how can we tell??) unless you're suggesting a possible spray-on panty product (ew! ew!)

Guey  Thursday Aug 7 11:32 AM

Are those girls single. heh heh

They would probably look great in a Kimono. 8P

spray on panty house . whats next.

take a bath and come out with a suit on?

gaemon  Friday Aug 8 02:30 AM

Is it only me who thinks this may actually fly? I've heard so much times from the girls I know complaining about their stockings tear/wrinkle/hard to wash/damn expensive etc. If this spray really does its job right it may change the fashion as we know of. Although I doubt it will work.

For example, waterproof? I've never seen waterproof stockings. I take it as `does not melt by sweat', but strange still.

If it's ever imported to Korea, I'll give it a shot (on my gf) and tell you all about it. :-) cross your fingers.

EDIT: oops I forgot to mention. Actually there already are several spray-on hair, UT. Don't they sell it on infomercial in US?

Undertoad  Friday Aug 8 08:10 AM

They do, gaemon, but they sell it for the head. Mine will be the very first marketed for the body!

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Aug 8 04:57 PM

Sure, UT. Just what every girl wants.

Beletseri  Monday Aug 11 09:47 AM

I think I remember reading about something like this in WWII or WWI when there was no nylon for stockings. The girls had a spray on and it even came with a small brush and a darker color to paint on the seam. What is new was once old or something like that.

Hubris Boy  Monday Aug 11 12:27 PM

Originally posted by Undertoad

If this actually takes off, I will be offering my own cosmetic product. It's silly string in a can, but with a finer nozzle, and darker tint. I'll be selling it as spray-on body hair.
Right. But don't forget to include the special nozzle extension with the 90-degree angle at the end, for the self-application of back hair!

99 44/100% pure  Monday Aug 11 12:41 PM

Yeah, there's nothing a gal likes more on her man than a thick, luxurious coat of back hair!

xoxoxoBruce  Monday Aug 11 02:48 PM

Originally posted by 99 44/100% pure
Yeah, there's nothing a gal likes more on her man than a thick, luxurious coat of back hair!
And visa versa.

Your reply here?

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