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   Undertoad  Tuesday Nov 11 11:33 AM

11/11/2003: De-faced products in Saudi Arabia

This is a Safeway (really? so the cap says) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It turns out that there's a government censor whose job it is to scribble out all the women's faces on all the imported products, since their favorite form of way-strict Islam restricts ANY display of women's faces, even on packaging.

dave  Tuesday Nov 11 11:56 AM

It sure is good they did that, 'cause now I have no impure thoughts!

mwbEEf  Tuesday Nov 11 12:00 PM

I wonder how much of a demand for hair-coloring products they have over there.

hot_pastrami  Tuesday Nov 11 12:13 PM

Hey, somebody's gotta defend all those pure men from the Western girl pictured on the front, who is described quite directly as "Nice 'n Easy." Scandalous!

SteveDallas  Tuesday Nov 11 12:40 PM

Good point, hp.... I assume they already took the "Nasty & Easy" ones off the market there.

juju  Tuesday Nov 11 12:46 PM

They didn't do a very good job of censoring. It's kind of a half-assed job if you ask me. It doesn't stop you from seeing anything.

dave  Tuesday Nov 11 12:51 PM

That was the point of my post, me too-er.

juju  Tuesday Nov 11 12:53 PM

How dare you!

russotto  Tuesday Nov 11 02:57 PM

What do you expect? It's a government job, just because it's a religious duty too doesn't mean it gets done any less half-assed than any other government job.

There's something really funny about hair coloring products for a market where the women tend to keep their hair covered. Even more so when most of them are dark-haired enough that the products shown will have little effect.

Torrere  Tuesday Nov 11 06:05 PM

Now that would be one damned wierd job.

Pearcie (AUS)  Tuesday Nov 11 06:49 PM

Arabian Joke

What a joke! How can these people take themselves seriously? I usually pride myself on having an open mind but displays like this really bother me. Imagine you were walking down the supermarket aisle looking for that favourite hair product or moisturiser and all the womens faces had been scribbled on. Absolutely ridiculous! And this is only the tip of the iceberg - I could rant for pages about how wrong the Muslim faith is in pretty much everything they do but I wont.

elSicomoro  Tuesday Nov 11 07:58 PM

If this is what happens on store boxes, I wonder what they do to television...

dave  Tuesday Nov 11 09:07 PM

A government censor is stationed in every household to hold little boxes over all female faces on the tube.

elSicomoro  Tuesday Nov 11 09:27 PM

Or as stuff shows on TV, someone starts scribbling over their faces like this:

warch  Tuesday Nov 11 09:29 PM

The blonde got a veil instead of the full burqua. Hmm.

wolf  Tuesday Nov 11 09:30 PM

Originally posted by dave
A government censor is stationed in every household to hold little boxes over all female faces on the tube.
Do they have a Magic Screen like Winky Dink and You, or does the guy just sharpie right over your television?

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 11 11:40 PM

seems the manufacturer could save money with plain brown wrappers.

mrputter  Wednesday Nov 12 04:27 AM

<EM>> really? so the cap says</EM>

Yeah, really. They have Safeway there. I've been in 'em. And that blue crap (normally they use black pen with better coverage; this is an unusually crappy specimen) is all over EVERYTHING.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to get MAD magazines (I lived next country over in the United Arab Emirates; I don't think MAD gets into Saudi Arabia) with a good 25% of the pages blacked out.

As for mwbEEf and russotto:
You'd be surprised what the market is for hair colouring products, fancy lingerie, makeup, etc. is over there. Per capita, I'd say it's much higher than it would be here in North America. The women do all kinds of unbelievable things underneath the abaya. And no-one ever sees it; often not even the husbands (ESPECIALLY not the husbands in many cases) even though they'd be the only man ever allowed to see them without the abaya. Just one form of rebellion against the status quo.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Nov 12 05:31 PM

"Them girls wear things, that we ain't seen, beneath them gingham gowns."
Sorry, that old song popped into my head.

bmgb  Wednesday Nov 12 05:45 PM

So I found this thread where I mentioned a friend of mine who used to live in Saudi Arabia. I was never able to convince her to come on here and tell her wild stories, but here's one:

I believe this was sometime around 1970-72. She was living there with her then-husband at her infant daughter. They had a "Women's Day" at the local zoo. This was a day when women and young children could go to the zoo, and the women did not have to wear veils (isn't that nice?)

She showed up to the zoo with her daughter but her camera was confiscated, because they thought she would take pictures of women's faces, which they consider to be pornography.

Undertoad  Wednesday Nov 12 08:12 PM

Saudis fear a shortage of sand

Let's put it politely: they're not exactly intellectuals.

dar512  Thursday Nov 13 10:32 AM

Originally posted by Undertoad

Let's put it politely: they're not exactly intellectuals.
Wow. Way to pigeonhole an entire country.

Undertoad  Thursday Nov 13 10:41 AM

It's harsh, I know, but I would call the above gardening tool a "spade".

It's a "spade".

And people who live in the desert and fear sand shortages, and cut off women's clits and mark over their faces on packaging are "morons".

I'm sure there are many people in S.A. who are not morons. I wish there were a lot more of them.

dave  Thursday Nov 13 12:30 PM

Adultery is a capital crime in Saudi Arabia (from what I have read).

Now, don't you think that's maybe a little not right?

Happy Monkey  Thursday Nov 13 01:57 PM

Originally posted by dar512
Wow. Way to pigeonhole an entire country.
Intellectuals no doubt exist in the country, but they have to hide.

wolf  Friday Nov 14 12:58 AM

Originally posted by dave
Adultery is a capital crime in Saudi Arabia (from what I have read).

Now, don't you think that's maybe a little not right?
Capital crime for the chick, Dave ...

There are parts of THIS country where it's a capital crime, also ... maybe not officially, but the "crime of passion" has a long history here in America, and elsewhere.

dave  Friday Nov 14 01:34 AM

No, wolf, I read a story a few years ago of a guy being publicly executed for adultery. He was single, but slept with a married woman.

Your reply here?

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