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   Undertoad  Tuesday Dec 23 12:20 PM

12/23/2003: Criminal's dog awaits capture

Dateline, Shafter, CA: A man apparently stole this vehicle, and upon danger of being caught, he and his dog wound up driving out of control and right into the Friant Kern canal. The dog suffered a broken leg in the process, but apparently just crawled up on top of the truck and waited to be rescued. The man was caught hiding nearby.

Do not commit crimes with your dog.

Beletseri  Tuesday Dec 23 12:46 PM

Poor doggie but smart doggie and I hope he finds a better home.

wolf  Tuesday Dec 23 01:50 PM

The animal appears to be a pit bull. Yes, I know they are often capable of being warm, loving, family dogs, but they are a tough placement ... more likely than not, unless he goes to a friend or relative of his current owner, he's going to end up taking the doggie version of the long walk.

Elspode  Tuesday Dec 23 02:16 PM

Why do so many assholes have pit bulls? Is it another penis substitute or something?

CharlieG  Tuesday Dec 23 02:34 PM

Originally posted by Elspode
Why do so many assholes have pit bulls? Is it another penis substitute or something?

wolf  Tuesday Dec 23 02:55 PM

I found a 1999 article from the City Journal that elaborates a bit on the pit bull issue.

I don't know if more assholes have pit bulls, or if they are just the ones who get noticed more? Every now and again you do run across information from a breed advocate who really loves pits, treats his well, and works to enhance the positive qualities of the breed.

Unfortunately, in the 'hood, those are not the qualities which make a desired animal.

LUVBUGZ  Tuesday Dec 23 03:14 PM

Originally posted by Elspode
Why do so many assholes have pit bulls? Is it another penis substitute or something?
IMO, assholes are attracted to pits (rotties, dobies, etc.) because these dogs have the physical abilities to really put the hurt on you if encouraged/trained to do so. It is known that particular breeds were originally used for protection, fighting, etc. and that it is somewhat ingrained in their genes. Of course, most "pets" have no need to be used in this manner, but assholes will be assholes so it's easier for them to turn a pit into a mean, bad-ass, macho dog and hope that its behavior will reflect on their standing amungst other assholes who think it's cool, than it is to try and impress your thug, low-life buddies with a bichon frise.

Unfortunately, so called "vicious" breeds get a really bad rap due to the stupidity of idiots who think it's cool to have a mean dog. The dog didn't start off that way, it is merely a product of its unfortunate environment.

The most psycho dogs I've ever encountered were Chow Chows and Sharpeis. Some of the sweetest dogs I've come across were pits that were abused by their fuck-head owners who taught them to be mean. Once the dog was out of that situation, it was a kind, mellow, sweet dog. I'm not saying this is true for every dog that has been treated like this because some are so far gone they could never be trusted not to snap and throat you where you stand, but I'm just trying to point out that at least 95% of the time it is the asshole owner that turned a perfectly nice dog into a dangerous dog.

I have boarded dogs that had been deemed "vicious" by the County Animal Control Dept. who were being held until a determination on the animals outcome could be made and have never been attacked or bitten by one. The only dog I've ever been bit by was some old lady's stupid Min Pin who she claimed was the nicest thing alive.

LUVBUGZ  Tuesday Dec 23 03:51 PM

Wolf got her post in before mine. I found it interesting that I used the same terms and references that the first article did before even reading it. Thank you Wolf for posting both sides of the issue.

insoluble  Tuesday Dec 23 04:15 PM

bakersfield is chock full of stupid homies with mean ass dogs. I personally trained my cat to go for people's eyes.

plthijinx  Tuesday Dec 23 11:06 PM

Originally posted by LUVBUGZ
The most psycho dogs I've ever encountered were Chow Chows and Sharpeis....
my sister used to breed sharpeis and albeit they are sweet, they do have a mean streak later in life. our breeder sharpei, at around age 7 started going psycotic and attacking the other dogs for no reason. we had only raised two litters and had kept 1 pup from the second litter. she would be at the other side of the yard and come over to her sibling and just latch on to his neck for no reason what so ever, then would go off on my lab. this happend only every now and then at the beginning but started occuring more frequently to where we had to keep them separated. anyway, like people i suppose, they start to "loose it" as they get older in some cases. IMO.

elSicomoro  Tuesday Dec 23 11:22 PM

Re: 12/23/2003: Criminal's dog awaits capture

Originally posted by Undertoad
Dateline, Shafter, CA
[Butt-head]Huh huh huh said "Shafter"...huh huh huh huh[/Butt-head]

JeepNGeorge  Wednesday Dec 24 01:58 AM

So why doesn't congress enact a 5 day waiting period to purchase a pit bull, doberman, rottweiller, or other dogs deemed 'agressive' or have just recieved a bad rap? They could do a background check and possibly even require you to register the animal. Sounds good to me

OnyxCougar  Wednesday Dec 24 09:23 AM

They do, in England. No shit. They come and inspect your home and interview your family and do a background check. Then charge you over $150 for the dog. Any dog. This is the POUND we're talking about here.

ThisOleMiss  Monday Dec 29 03:38 AM

My sweet little Sadie-baby was a Wolfweiler. Her mother was a wolf/malamute hybrid and her dad was the rotweiler next door who jumped the fence. She was the sweetest animal imaginable, but if my homeowners insurance had known about her our policy would have been cancelled so fast our heads would still be swimming. Sadly, however, I lost her to canine lymphosarcoma early this year. As it turns out Rotweilers are prone to canine lymphosarcoma, which is the only reason I won't get another. I don't think my poor old heart could take it.

novice  Monday Dec 29 11:41 AM

My half Blue Heeler, quarter Bull Terrier, quarter Staffordshire Terrier (all breeds of questionable repute) is never happier than when I sit on the back step and provide him my lap to relax on.
He seems to be very astute and exudes personality. I believe he will grow up and become representative of his home environment ( i hope so) despit the stigma attached to each and all of his component breeds.
ps , In case anybody missed me i'm now settled in my new house and back online. A very merry Christmas and happy New Year to Everyone.

Undertoad  Monday Dec 29 12:24 PM

Sounds like a useful dog... he could herd his meal home before he kills and eats it.

Just kidding! I'd imagine cross-breeding probably winds up with a crap shoot of behaviors.

lumberjim  Monday Dec 29 01:15 PM

why is it ok to expect certain personality traits from a certain breed of dog, but not people?

russotto  Monday Dec 29 01:47 PM

What, you've never heard of the English with their stiff upper lip, the Irish temper and propensity for brawling, the Scottish... err, never mind that one.

lumberjim  Monday Dec 29 01:49 PM

Oh, Ive heard of them, and believe a lot of them......indians negotiate, germans overanalyze,'s just not "PC" to use these generalizations

Undertoad  Monday Dec 29 01:58 PM

Well I heard that once from a car dealer, but you know them, lying sniveling greed-heads who would say anything.

lumberjim  Monday Dec 29 02:21 PM


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