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   Undertoad  Monday Oct 15 01:47 PM

10/15: Genetically engineered pig

Um, why yes, it IS the pig on the LEFT that was genetically engineered. With genes from a jellyfish. Same sort of thing as dham (I think it was)posted a while back with glowing fish.

The full story is here

The idea with these guys is not to produce really weird-looking pigs, but to see if genetics can be used to produce pigs that develop organs suitable for transplant into humans.

It's a fine step. Used to be that you had to eat bacon, ham, etc. and wait for your body to process it all until it became a part of you. Now they will be able to just take a piece of pig and surgically put it right into you.

warch  Monday Oct 15 03:13 PM

You could even say it glowed...all of the other piggies, used to laugh and call him names, they never let poor Nuclear 1 join in any piggie games. Then, of course, comes his amazing contribution to travel safety.

Whit  Monday Oct 15 05:41 PM

Hmmm, maybe they should figure out how to splice in plant gene's. Add a little applesauce to porky's genetic make-up. How much do you think McDonalds would pay to get beef with mustard and ketchup built in???

Joe  Tuesday Oct 16 12:07 PM

color coded for you shopping pleasure

Maybe they could engineer the pigs to have different tastes. Normal ones with normal coloring would still have that yummy "pig classic" taste we all love. New ones could taste like beef, fish, chicken, chocolate, strawberry etc, all easily identifiable by snout color coding.

Wasn't the jellyfish engineering to see if they'd glow int the dark?

I could see herds of these being trained, just as rescue dogs are today, to help in emergencies. They could stand in formation to divert highway traffic, could run out on the sides of runways when the lights go out etc.

They could even make fashionable pets, suitable for walking in dark areas like Central Park, where their unearthly glow would not only light the place but would scare the bejabbers out of any would-be attackers.

And just wait until the raver crowd finds out about them! They could invent new dance moves, waving their pigs in trippy designs.

Whit  Tuesday Oct 16 05:28 PM

Sounds good. Two things though:

1: Don't enough foods taste like chicken already?
2: The image of a bunch of glowing pigs at a Rave is way to much for me to even imagine ... Never suggest such an image again, it's just wrong.

Slight  Tuesday Oct 16 07:24 PM

Pork, the other glow-in-the-dark meat.

arban  Friday Oct 19 01:50 AM

So when do I get my green eggs and ham?

jaguar  Saturday Oct 20 03:37 AM

Hard enough to avoid artifical shit in my food as it is without bacon-flavoring added to my pork to make it taste more like pork "should"

I can imagein glow-in-the-dark gerbils being one hell of a hit t raves, poor buggars would be flying all over the that is creative mental image. Strap a camera to one and you'd have some seriously trippy footage.

Hubris Boy  Saturday Oct 20 08:43 AM

I wonder what geneticists do when they get bored at work. Probably the same things the rest of us do... goof off... play pranks on each other...

Imagine the implications of a bored genetic engineer. Sooner or later, it's gonna happen... the genetic equivalent of Fark's Photoshopping contests. Anybody want a "skunkopotomus" ?

scampo  Saturday Oct 20 11:29 AM

or maybe even...

Or maybe even a snol. A snol is a mix between a snake and mole. I'd really love to see snols walking around.

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