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   Undertoad  Sunday Nov 11 11:24 AM

11/11: Human tongue

They say this person has the longest recorded tongue, not Gene Simmons.

Of course the importance of a consistent measuring methodology is important.

dave  Sunday Nov 11 03:07 PM




that's a pretty goddamn long tongue.

i wonder if that mostly fills up her mouth? if there's an added concern that she might one day swallow her tongue? geez.

jaguar  Sunday Nov 11 04:39 PM

This was in the local rag the other day. Fawk she'd take tonsil hockey to a whole new level.

plool  Monday Nov 12 05:27 AM

Another picture

Found another picture, this one seems to show 'it' off a little bit more.

In fact, here's an articel about it. Kind of interesting.

scampo  Monday Nov 12 10:58 PM


dynoman7  Wednesday Nov 14 10:59 AM

Does anyone...

...have her phone number? lol

dave  Wednesday Nov 14 12:06 PM

Re: Does anyone...

Originally posted by dynoman7
...have her phone number? lol

eew, man. eew.

aofl  Wednesday Nov 14 01:59 PM

Well, she may be twelve, but does anyone know if she's made any tongue based career decisions? If not, I'd like to try to influence her choice of career path into more tongue related fields, once she's of age, of course..:p

dave  Wednesday Nov 14 02:53 PM

in other words...

she's gonna make a fortune in the porno industry in about 6 years...

Whit  Wednesday Nov 14 05:20 PM


Well, I was proud of the celler for not going into that...

Ah well, I knew it was inevitable. I guess I should just be happy it went as long as it did before this thread went straight into the potty.

Undertoad  Wednesday Nov 14 06:26 PM

It coulda been worse - we could have fallen into that with the GIRAFFE tongue picture.

dave  Wednesday Nov 14 06:38 PM

yeah. i was waiting to see how long it would take. not that i had any thoughts like that (she's TWELVE!), but yeah... it wasn't me - i was just restating what someone else said it was all dynoman and aofl...

but anyway... that IS a damn long tongue

Whit  Thursday Nov 15 02:57 AM

Ya know, the funny part is that the lewdness didn't phase me. It's just the porn jokes were too easy. Don't get me wrong, I had similar thoughts to those posted, I just wouldn't say it.

Also, I didn't know she was twelve when I saw the first pic. I doubt any of the others did either. We just saw some chic with one heckuva tongue. The jokes were obvious. It could be worse I suppose. Someone could've asked if she was a 'special friend' to the Olson Twins...

Wow, I really shouldn't post when I should be sleeping... oh well.

blowmeetheclown  Thursday Nov 15 09:10 AM

12 or not...

she's still damn cute!

classicman  Sunday Jan 18 09:10 PM

Bump -

Amazing the things you find perusing the IotD

lumberjim  Sunday Jan 18 09:13 PM

she's 20 now......

monster  Sunday Jan 18 09:16 PM

..hey, and she's 19 now.....

monster  Sunday Jan 18 09:16 PM

pah, i took too long to post, but I did better math, chances are she's still only 19......

classicman  Sunday Jan 18 09:18 PM

great minds think alike and all that

monster  Sunday Jan 18 09:38 PM

idiots seldom differ.....

We prolly need to coin a new epithet... "dirty minds think alike"

Wickedly_Tasteful  Sunday Jan 18 09:51 PM

i could definetly put her tongue to use...

I need my floors cleaned...LOL

lumberjim  Sunday Jan 18 09:57 PM

Originally Posted by Wickedly_Tasteful View Post

I need my floors cleaned...LOL
is that code for wanting her to give you oral pleasure?

Sundae  Monday Jan 19 09:55 AM

Originally Posted by Wickedly_Tasteful View Post
i could definetly put her tongue to use...
I need my floors cleaned...LOL
Originally Posted by lumberjim View Post
is that code for wanting her to give you oral pleasure?
Pelvic floors...

capnhowdy  Saturday Jan 24 10:44 PM

Hardwood has more cracks.

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Jan 24 10:48 PM

And slivers.

Sheldonrs  Sunday Jan 25 01:06 AM

Originally Posted by capnhowdy View Post
Hardwood has more cracks.
If she were a guy, that tongue could take care of my hardwood AND my crack.

footfootfoot  Sunday Jan 25 10:18 AM

Originally Posted by dave View Post

eew, man. eew.
That's a lot of eye makeup for a twelve year old.

(Pedophile huh? That's a pretty fancy word for a twelve year old...)

capnhowdy  Sunday Jan 25 11:55 AM

I wonder if her tongue will grow along w/ the rest of her..Why wasn't this given as a gift from the creator to a male? Or to me for that matter.

richlevy  Sunday Jan 25 12:49 PM

On one of the HBO Real Sex episodes they had a stripper with an extremely long tongue...or so I've heard.

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