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   Undertoad  Thursday Dec 6 02:38 PM

12/6: What happens to suicide bombers

The recent Palestinian suicide bomber must have done the traditional thing where you strap explosives to your body. Because that's his ARM sitting there in the middle of the road...

I don't generally go for the obviously gruesome. But this just struck me as oddly important. This is real life. Real death, at least. Can't deny it, this is what happens.

IndyTone  Thursday Dec 6 03:05 PM

Yeah, and apparently, Tony the Tiger thinks it's "GRRRREAT!!!"

CharlieG  Thursday Dec 6 03:09 PM

Re: 12/6: What happens to suicide bombers

Originally posted by Undertoad
[b]...snip... Because that's his ARM sitting there in the middle of the road...

Not his arm - his LEG, unless he wears a sock on his hand.

dave  Thursday Dec 6 03:15 PM


Well. Stupid people do stupid things.


Darwin had a theory about this...

Undertoad  Thursday Dec 6 03:52 PM

Oh yeah! I guess that is a leg.

The other consideration here is that somebody has to clean all this up, and that might just be in the running for Worst Job.

dave  Thursday Dec 6 04:00 PM

Was thinking the same thing. Could you imagine having to clean up all that shit? And this is pretty commonplace in Israel. Making sure to get it out of the cracks and shit so walking down the road doesn't stink like rotting body parts. Mmmmmmmmmmm, fun.

IndyTone  Thursday Dec 6 04:03 PM

Originally posted by Undertoad
and that might just be in the running for Worst Job.
Pun intended?

I still think the Tony the Tiger poster in the background is the best part.

blowmeetheclown  Thursday Dec 6 06:19 PM

I was watching CSI the other night (Crime Scene Investigators on CBS Thurs nights for those that are interested), and one of the characters was starting up a business on the side and requested a little word-of-mouth for initial customer-base.
The business? "Crime Scene Cleanup"

Yea, yea. I know. It's only TV. Though I'm *sure* someone, somewhere has this job and likes it.

jaguar  Thursday Dec 6 07:03 PM

Your average city would have afew of these anyway - road accidents, suicides etc without epope lblowing themselves up. Aww man post a warning on that stuff in future Ut - i was eating brekky!!
Bacon and eggs lost its appeal.

IndyTone  Thursday Dec 6 07:03 PM

Actually, my friend owns a carpet cleaning business. They have a contract with the IPD (Indianapolis Police Department), and they go to the crime scenes and clean the carpets for the apartment complexes, etc... He told me once that he had to clean some brain out of the carpet once because the slum lord wouldn't spring for new carpet. I guess someone shot themself in the head or something.

dave  Friday Dec 7 12:56 AM

Originally posted by IndyTone
He told me once that he had to clean some brain out of the carpet once because the slum lord wouldn't spring for new carpet. I guess someone shot themself in the head or something.
Good guess.

CharlieG  Friday Dec 7 07:40 AM

Originally posted by IndyTone
Actually, my friend owns a carpet cleaning business. ...snip... guess someone shot themself in the head or something.
Sometimes stuff like that isn't even crime scene stuff. Real story. A good friend of mine had a fairly distant Aunt. When the Aunt's sister (a different Aunt - my friends Dad has passed on) didn't hear from her sister in a week, she tried calling neighbors etc. Eventually, they got the super to open the apartment. As you might be able to guess, my friends Aunt had died in the apartment. Now as this was mid summer, things had gotten fairly ripe.

They had to call a cleaning company to come in and clean up before they called my friend and I to come in and pack the furnature up (the other Aunt packed the small stuff before we got there)

NOT fun

jaguar  Friday Dec 7 04:22 PM

*reminder to self*
two days running this is going to cause weight loss.

Traffic cops have a similar deal with hoing blood and stuff off roads after nasty smashes i guess, not pretty. Always thought doing criminal autopsies would be prettty godawful though, carefuly ewxamining months-dead bodies for a couple of hours would work better as a dieting system than jenny craig.

Nic Name  Monday Dec 31 11:08 PM

Yes, that's a leg. The asshole has been blown to Hell.

jaguar  Monday Dec 31 11:28 PM

hwo the hell do we knwo thats the leg of a terrorist not just another innocent apssanger?

You knoe if anyone quoted that out of context it would look relaly odd.

Nic Name  Monday Dec 31 11:35 PM

I recall the scene outside the hotel, from recent news on CNN, where the only casualty was the suicide bomber. Your point is well taken, though, and I thought before I posted that one.

dave  Tuesday Jan 1 02:42 AM

Since I tend to follow these things fairly closely, allow me to comment:

It's very very very unlikely that the leg shown is that of a victim. The explosion, which is generally in the abdominal area of the attacker, basically rips their midsection to pieces, leaving limbs and occasionally a nice head rolling down the road (true story, many times over). However, the attacker hardly ever gets close enough to an innocent to actually blow their body apart - this is why most suicide bombers wrap the explosives in nails and the like - the shrapnel does the killing, not the explosion. There are, of course, cases where the explosion itself will cause a fatality other than the bomber, but these are the exception, not the rule.

Nic Name  Wednesday Jan 2 01:37 AM

Jerusalem suicide bomber only one killed in blast

By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff

A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up near a Jerusalem hotel early this morning.

Eleven people sustained minor wounds in the blast.

The blast took place in front of the David Citadel Hotel (formerly the Jerusalem Hilton) on King David Street shortly after 7:30 a.m.

The pedestrians, waiting at a nearby bus stop, were lightly wounded by shards of glass and metal fragments in the explosion.

They were taken to Hadassah-University Hospital on Mount Scopus and Shaare Zedek Hospital for treatment, Israel Radio reported.

The terrorist, killed in the blast, was targeting senior government ministers, according to a statement released by Islamic Jihad.

Israeli police and bomb units at the scene of the suicide bombing

The suicide bomber who struck in Jerusalem has been identified as a member of Islamic Jihad.

Your reply here?

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