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   Undertoad  Friday Dec 21 01:50 PM

12/21: anti-smoking ad features dead guinea pig

The full story is at <a href="">Ad age</a>.

I would like to know whether this is Photoshop trickery, or if the photo agency had to kill the animal to get their shot.

Next we'll invite PETA to the table, so we can see whether the animal-rights people are more tenacious than the anti-smoking people. Let's make it a steel cage match, shall we?

elSicomoro  Friday Dec 21 02:05 PM

Re: 12/21: anti-smoking ad features dead guinea pig

Originally posted by Undertoad
Next we'll invite PETA to the table, so we can see whether the animal-rights people are more tenacious than the anti-smoking people. Let's make it a steel cage match, shall we?
Hmmm...not bad. I prefer a battle royale. If it's a last-man-standing deal, and if the anti-tobacco folks win, all the animal-rights folks must eat a 16 ounce sirloin steak. If animal-rights wins, the anti-tobacco folks must smoke a pack of Camel non-filters.

hot_pastrami  Friday Dec 21 02:05 PM

I hear that occasionally guinea pigs die of natural causes, so perhaps this was merely an effort to make an otherwise empty death one that was noble, and counted for something.

Or, they killed it.

Griff  Friday Dec 21 02:26 PM

I hope they didn't waste the meat.

warch  Friday Dec 21 02:28 PM

Tits up. Smoke em if ya got em.

dave  Friday Dec 21 02:29 PM

Guinea pig kinda tastes like crocodile. I don't recommend it.

Griff  Friday Dec 21 02:30 PM

mmmmm...smoked rodent

Dygytyz  Friday Dec 21 02:32 PM

Dear Sirs,

My name is Hugh G. Goh from Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. I represent the People for the Ethical Treatment of Smoking Guinea Pigs (PETSGP). You have 24 hours to remove this picture from your Internet site as we feel it denigrates the image of smoking guinea pigs that my firm and I represent. It also conveys a false image that all smoking guinea pigs die from smoking. This, as we all know, in entirely not true, as many guinea pigs die each year from natural causes such as old age, being wrapped in duct tape and used as prophylactics (only in Indianapolis), and being shoved up famous movie star asses.

Please do yourself a favor and comply with our request. Failure to do so in the time allotted will result in our intern Guido "Knuckles" Aiello coming over to your house to collect legal evidence in the form of kneecaps, pinky fingers, and teeth.

The ball is in your court, act accordingly.

Mr. Hugh G. Goh, Esq.
Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe

dave  Friday Dec 21 02:35 PM

Originally posted by warch
Tits up. Smoke em if ya got em.
Alllllllllllllllllright, that sucked!

hehe. Gn'R references suck.

Griff  Friday Dec 21 02:40 PM

It would be wise to remove that section on Indy otherwise we will be forced to litigate.

I.M. Feltcher Mayor Ind.

serge  Friday Dec 21 02:48 PM

If you didn't see NOVA's '"Safer" Cigarettes: A History' check out this link.

warch  Friday Dec 21 03:28 PM

Gn'R references suck.
I would agree, I was actually hearing a Scotish Mike Myers' voice with a twist of Denis Leary. All part of the great latticework though, eh?

dave  Friday Dec 21 03:41 PM

Heh. I dunno if you got mine.

At the end of "Don't Damn Me", track 13 on "Use Your Illusion I", Axl sings:

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em!"

and then screams

"Alllllllllllllllllllllllright, that sucked!"

so it was just me being dorky, not you

warch  Friday Dec 21 03:46 PM

wait... I *own* some of that dorkdom.

dave  Friday Dec 21 03:57 PM

You own Guns N' Roses? :P

warch  Friday Dec 21 06:06 PM

Well I believe I could take 'em in a fight. I'm small but tenacious, unlike that gerbil up there. wait...threads are colliding.

dasviper  Saturday Dec 22 01:31 AM

I read a science piece at one time along these lines: "there are no such things as toxic substances, only toxic levels." That is, many many things will kill you, and certain things will kill you faster. To that end, maybe it would be good if cig companies could reduce toxins. Not that I'm a smoker or fan of smoking, but I think the world would be without one more time-consuming debate if there were a cigarette that didn't kill you.

blowmeetheclown  Saturday Dec 22 08:35 AM

Your real name wouldn't be Phillip Morris, would it?

lisa  Saturday Dec 22 10:42 AM

I happen to agree with him(?). Almost everything we breathe and eat contains some toxic substances but at non-toxic levels.

If a cigarette could be made that people could still "enjoy" that did not contain substances at anywhere near toxic levels, I'd be all in favor of it.

Of course, if it still produced the same smell and nusisance to MY pleasant breathing, I'd still like places where I could eat, read, etc... that did NOT allow smoking.

Even though I am a devout non-smoker and cannot stand the smell, I do think that we have tended to treat smokers very prejudically, despite the fact that many are rather polite and considerate of those around them these days.

Undertoad  Saturday Dec 22 11:22 AM

I read a convincing piece that much of the problem is the residual radiation from polonium which is a part of the calcium phosphate mined for phosphate fertilizer, critical for the growing of tobacco. Supposedly cigarette smoke contains more alpha particles than it should.

The details were in a study conducted in 1983 but I don't know why nobody paid attention. There are alternatives to get phosphates.

If smoking could be made to be 100% safe, I'd do it. After all, it makes you look cool.

dave  Saturday Dec 22 11:47 AM

Real cool. But it makes you stink like a fucking shitbag.

That's why Jenni stopped smoking - she'd come over, crawl into bed with me, and I'd roll over to get away from her shitbreath. Ugh.

elSicomoro  Saturday Dec 22 12:08 PM

I'd be the first one in line to try that danger-free cigarette.

Most smokers I know or have met as a whole are generally very considerate of non-smokers' feelings. In addition, they are some of the coolest people I've met. It's like a brotherhood of sorts...

One night, Mimi & I were waiting for a bus at the corner of Ashland and North in Chicago. A guy asked me for a smoke, and of course, I obliged. The guy was almost offended that I wouldn't take his dollar for it. Heh.

blowmeetheclown  Saturday Dec 22 03:02 PM

On a side note

What gets me going is the time and effort different groups have put into keeping cigarettes and tobacco away from kids, but then Hollywood deems it cool to smoke cigars. I remember about a year or two ago that "Cigar Afficianado" featured several different actors/actresses on the cover back to back. In fact, Guiliani was recently featured, which seems odd because I remember some time ago that he was trying to ban smoking in various places throughout New York (including taxi cabs and restaurants I believe). It's fairly obvious that kids look up to these guys and try to emulate the aura of dude-ness they eminate.
I do like what is doing. Though it's still propoganda, it's in the opposite direction.

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