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   Undertoad  Sunday Jan 13 10:57 AM

1/13: Daily photo

These are two photos of the same gent, taken three years and three months apart. The first photo was taken Oct. 1 1998; the second, Jan. 5, 2002.

And you can see the exact same photo of the gent taken every single day, one per day, for every day in between, at .

If you are on a modem, it will probably take about 15 minutes to display. Probably not worth it unless you have a pot of coffee to brew.

I think it's a fascinating project and I hope he keeps going with it. The instinctive question is: does he look better now or did he look better then? The wife and I differ on that. But y'know, in the long run, we all wind up looking worse. If we don't actually grow uglier, we do eventually wind up worm food and the general consensus is that we look worse.

More interesting, I think, is the whole question of how we develop and what we do to make us develop differently. If this guy spends his life in worry, will deep lines etch across his forehead? If he spends his life in joy, will the laugh lines give him a permanently happier look? What exactly could prematurely age him, and what could preserve him?

blase  Sunday Jan 13 06:36 PM

Wow, I really liked this one. I checked out the rest of his site too. It looks like he takes packaging materials and makes "Boxbots" out of them...interesting guy.

Nic Name  Sunday Jan 13 06:46 PM

Perfect content for an imovie!

dave  Sunday Jan 13 07:03 PM

You a Mac dude, Nic? You talk about iMovie a lot

Nic Name  Sunday Jan 13 07:26 PM

My first computer was a state of the art Mac II ... gotta luv the specs on that baby!

16 mhz
1 mb ram was standard, but i went nuts and ordered the 2 mb model
150 mb HD

State of the art in '87 for around US$5,000 for the CPU alone!

The 13" Trinitron monitor was about US$1,200.

I upgraded the ram to a screaming 5 mb because modules were only US$700 for each additional meg.

Like many business people, I broke down around 1992 when Apple was going down, bigtime, and switched to a Winbox. (By then the Mac II was a doorstop, anyway, if you know what I mean.)

We all know the pricing of today's stuff ... really cheap compared to really old equipment that most people wouldn't remember!

At today's prices I'd really love to have that Titanium Powerbook.

I still appreciate the superiority of the Mac, but I have a balanced respect for a good Windows setup and I appreciate the wider compatibility.

I now run Windows 2000 Pro on an AMD 1.1 ghz with 512 mb ram and a great 3D graphics accelerator, showing on a nice Hitachi 21' monitor. The monitor is a graphics industry model that works for PC and Mac, so I'm toying with the idea of adding a G4 Macbox, without monitor, if the prices drop because of the new designs.

With the ultimate luxury of a connection to you guys via DSL at home and T1 at the office, I appear to be online here more often than I actually am.

Slight  Sunday Jan 13 11:56 PM

Ok this is going to sound weird but this is my idea so don't steal it. This guys picture a day page reminds me of an idea I have.

What you would do is take one picture a day wearing the same clothes in the same environment. Then each day you move your body the camera or objects in the scene as you would with stop motion. The result would be something like those time lapse movies of dead rats rotting away fast or the flowers growing.

I would have it set up so I could compare the current day's picture with the previous days much as an animator flips back and forth through the sketches. Also I would really want to do this with my first born so you would see crazy growth in the first 17 years. I guess that would work out to be about 4.3 minutes of footage at 24 f/s.

I imagine it would be hard to keep the kid interested or even still enough to do this. It could also be accomplish with willow style morphs and alot fewer pictures but there would be no action going on.

dave  Monday Jan 14 07:09 AM

Idea stolen and now started at my new web site:

Thanks for the great idea!

dave  Monday Jan 14 08:41 AM

What do I care if you delete it?

Might wanna add a "d" in there though. dhamsaicdance looks better.

dude123  Monday Jan 14 01:59 PM


Where did you read about this? I look on this guy's site and didn't see an explanation. (Did you read that he's taking one picture a day or did you infer this?)


He sure likes bright colors.
He sure likes T shirts.
He often seems to wear the same thing for days at a time.
He sure doesn't seem to own a comb. Tracking his bed-head is pretty interesting...
What's with the Amish-looking suspenders he wears occasionally?
Someone should tickle him during the next picture. He always has the exact same serious look on his face...

Undertoad  Monday Jan 14 08:34 PM

I watch about ten weblogs a day, and someone found it and posted it. I'm not sure how they found it, even, but the guy does post a link to it from his main page. I can't remember which weblog had it.

I'm thinking that the guy has just had his own site for ages, and has been building this up, and just decided to mention it to somebody.

Your reply here?

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