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   Undertoad  Tuesday Nov 29 10:47 AM

11/29/2005: Dollhouses of vacuum cleaner dust

via Boing Boing. What was I saying yesterday about art of the commoner? Here's another example, from another direction. Artist Maria A. Lopez creates dust houses, motivated by her time cleaning houses while she studied art. As put so well by Art MoCo, an online contemporary art magazine:

When Colombian Maria Adelaida Lopez moved to Philadelphia do a Masterís degree in art, she cleaned houses to help support herself, as she says, the way many other Marias do. Her series of Dust Houses are toy doll houses covered over in vacuum cleaner lint, representing the themes of domesticity and the other, the ideas of cleaning up after oneself and putting oneís house in order. Now an artist and educator in Miami, Lopez no longer cleans for others, but has filled vacuum cleaner bags given to her.

Nothing to sneeze at.

Sundae  Tuesday Nov 29 10:57 AM

I thought this was super-cool when I believed it to be hoover-bag dust somehow sculpted. Reading on & discovering it it a proper dolls' house covered in dust somehow just seems unclean. My mind seems to class the former as art and the latter as a dirty toy.

It's an interesting idea though.

BigV  Tuesday Nov 29 11:19 AM

I made the same wrong assumption, Sundae Girl. If I want to see dusty toys, I can just walk into my kid's rooms.

Statement, yeah, art, :shrugs:.

Trilby  Tuesday Nov 29 11:32 AM

I thought it was a house made completely of dust, too.

Now I'm all disenchanted.

mlandman  Tuesday Nov 29 12:00 PM

agreed -- misleading title

Thread should be: dollhouses covered in vacuum cleaner dust.

glatt  Tuesday Nov 29 12:15 PM

I was also fooled. I saw this on Boing Boing first and assumed it was a dust house, not a dust covered house.

Still, it might be kind of fun to make. I can imagine (without following any of the links to find out for sure) that she took a little spray on adhesive, like 3M Super 77, and then used a reversable shop vac to blow dust onto the now-sticky house. It would be dusty, and you would want to do it outside, but it could be really quick. I bet you could do a house in 5 minutes. Go into production.

capnhowdy  Tuesday Nov 29 02:01 PM

looks like most everything in my office. and I never called it art....until today.

Elspode  Tuesday Nov 29 02:09 PM

I'm trying to imagine a market for this sort of artwork...and I can't.

SteveDallas  Tuesday Nov 29 02:10 PM

Market, shmarket, it's ART, you philistine!

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 29 04:09 PM

Originally Posted by Sundae Girl
My mind seems to class the former as art and the latter as a dirty toy.
I once knew a "Maria" that spoke Spanish and cleaned houses. She was a dirty toy.

This "artist" also does doll house sized funniture, some is lint covered and some is charred with a torch.

LabRat  Tuesday Nov 29 05:17 PM

Do you know what is IN vacuum cleaner 'dust'? I'm filing this puppy under WTF. Egads.

Happy Monkey  Tuesday Nov 29 06:04 PM

Originally Posted by LabRat
Do you know what is IN vacuum cleaner 'dust'?
Everything in your house, but in smaller pieces.

beavis  Tuesday Nov 29 06:34 PM

including a fair bit of expired pieces of you...

Kitsune  Tuesday Nov 29 08:18 PM

Originally Posted by beavis
including a fair bit of expired pieces of you...
...that have been digested and then excreted by dust mites.

That's a lot of mite poo for the sake of art.

xoxoxoBruce  Tuesday Nov 29 08:54 PM

That would make it Mighty Mite Poo.

busterb  Tuesday Nov 29 10:17 PM

She should drop by my house since Katrina! Boy she could get a load of @##$, all might not be dust.

YellowBolt  Tuesday Nov 29 11:10 PM

It's a dustmite mansion. :X

Clodfobble  Wednesday Nov 30 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by Kitsune
...that have been digested and then excreted by dust mites.
Meh, honey has been digested and then excreted by a buggy creature too.

dar512  Wednesday Nov 30 12:29 AM

No one I know puts dust on their toast, however.

Sundae  Wednesday Nov 30 07:40 AM

Originally Posted by dar512
No one I know puts dust on their toast, however.
Marjorie Dawes might....

barefoot serpent  Wednesday Nov 30 10:46 AM

my cat does Gothic furballs... or are they Rococco revival?

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