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   Undertoad  Friday Jan 25 09:17 AM

1/25: Pearl the dog gets hives

Had enough of dog images yet?

Well this is the second time that I've posted one of my own pics. This is Pearl, a Boston Terrier, one of my dogs. Her fur is all tufty because she is shown having a severe allergic reaction to her annual vaccinations.

Beyond the image, there are a bunch of interesting facts about the whole matter. Firstly: the main treatment for this kind of allergic reaction is Benadryl. Benadryl is one of the medications that works for both people and dogs. Pearl was given an injection of it along with some steroids. She was later put on an IV so they could get it into her blood really fast if necessary.

I find it interesting that there are meds that work for both species, because dogs are built quite differently from people. For example, chocolate can kill dogs -- it's poison to them. A high cholesterol diet, however, is no problem; they are built to digest fats well.

The second allergic reaction is generally worse than the first, in cases like this. What is shown here is actually Pearl's second case of hives.

The allergy to the shot can be to the substance used to preserve the vaccine, not necessarily the vaccine itself.

There is a rabies vaccine that lasts three years instead of just one year, but most county health departments don't have up-to-date laws about such things.

The emergency vet reports that real life isn't like the Animal Planet TV show "Emergency Vets". It turns out that many people have trouble with the idea that emergency vet services cost a lot of money, balk at the price, and wind up putting their animals through suffering and death. People, don't get a pet unless you are prepared to pay for all its needs for life.

Pearl made a full recovery in about 24 hours.

verbatim  Friday Jan 25 10:10 AM

Re: 1/25: Pearl the dog gets hives

Originally posted by Undertoad
It turns out that many people have trouble with the idea that emergency vet services cost a lot of money, balk at the price, and wind up putting their animals through suffering and death. People, don't get a pet unless you are prepared to pay for all its needs for life.
Damn straight.
Well said, Tony.

dave  Friday Jan 25 10:54 AM

Awww. Poor little Pearl.

That would bug the shit out of me, having hives on my back that I couldn't scratch. Man.

Did she roll around on her back a lot or anything? Just curious how she reacted to them.

Anyway. Your dog's cute.

Undertoad  Friday Jan 25 11:20 AM

She was clearly uncomfortable and unhappy, but she wasn't rolling - not scratching anywhere except her face. My big concern was that her face was swelling, and as a smooshed-face breed, she doesn't have a big enough nose to begin with. Her breathing never became labored though.

People can now make fun of me for posting pictures of my dog, but of course she is the cutest dog ever, and the most spoiled.

That's one of my mottos: spoiling your pets is part of what life's all about.

Nic Name  Friday Jan 25 11:39 AM

I wouldn't make fun of posting pets. It's a great idea! I think all pet owners in the Cellar will be posting pics of their pets, too. I can't wait.

That's why I suggested a Pets forum, when UT asked for ideas about new forums.

Originally posted by Nic
By the way, judging from the "conversations" in other threads, it might also be a good idea to start a forum called something like Pet Paradise, where members can share their love for particular animals, along with their pics and stories, etc. With the number of members who likely have pets of various kinds, this could be a huge interest group. (The subject of pets has a strong effect on community, because it discloses "personal" details that show the personality to the individual members.)

dave  Friday Jan 25 11:40 AM

Man. I'm glad you posted that last pic. THAT is a Friday image.

jeni  Friday Jan 25 02:55 PM

aw, your dog is adorable.

poor thing, though, for the hives. i had hives two years ago for some reason (i never found out why it was and i'm still interested in knowing, because i'm not allergic to any of the normal things). ow. they itched like hell and hurt to match. i even had some right on the edge of my feet (right where the bottom meets the side) and it hurt a LOT to walk.

tell your dog i said hello what a cutie.

and to add this, i posted a picture of our dog a week or so ago on some thread, so i won't be making fun of you. dogs are great.

warch  Friday Jan 25 05:34 PM

That best portion of a good man's (or dog's) life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.
( appologies to Wordsworth)

Branden  Saturday Aug 11 12:32 PM

Oh damn, its extremly impressive. How much old is she? Because I'm concerned
about her pregnancy and reproductive production.
I mean, looking for some pups like it. I already have pomeranian but now
looking for a mix breed of terrier.

wolf  Saturday Aug 11 01:03 PM

You are about to spam us, aren't you Branden?

Pico and ME  Saturday Aug 11 01:04 PM


Griff  Saturday Aug 11 01:07 PM

What makes you say that?

Undertoad  Saturday Aug 11 01:34 PM

Is it the Pakistani IP address?

Adak  Sunday Aug 12 11:01 AM

Just after WWII, an American (journalist, IIRC), was bitten by a rat on Okinawa, Japan. Rabies was a possibility, BUT he knew he was allergic to the horse serum, which was how the Pasteur series of shots for Rabies treatment, was made (at that time).

He was given a choice, to take the treatment (which might kill him, since there were 12 shots in the series, which you took in the abdominal area), or not. He was also allowed to see a film of a guy dying from Rabies, because he had not received treatment in time, after being bitten by a rabid animal.

He took the treatment. It was very difficult, but he made it. After watching the dying rabies victim, he said he'd take anything before risking that.

For your Terrier, what about getting a County councilman well sold on your issue, and see about getting the regs changed. If the vets say it's OK, why would the County not approve it?

Sundae  Sunday Aug 12 11:05 AM

Poor Pearl. You post a picture if her as a pup and someone has to go and bring it up again 10 years later.

BrianR  Sunday Aug 12 06:01 PM

Many counties/states permit a dog to go unvaccinated if the vet signs a certificate that the vaccine could cause harm to the animal.

Undertoad  Sunday Aug 12 08:14 PM

This is the case with Pearl. The vet has a note in her records.

She will die soon from congestive heart failure... but not from rabies, unless there's an issue with Mrs. Bunnieworth that I'm not aware of.

Branden  Monday Aug 13 04:46 AM

Originally Posted by Branden View Post
Oh damn, its extremly impressive. How much old is she? Because I'm concerned
about her pregnancy and reproductive production.
I mean, looking for some pups like it. I already have pomeranian but now
looking for a mix breed of terrier.
dog food link removed by mod

ZenGum  Monday Aug 13 07:56 AM

Originally Posted by wolf View Post
You are about to spam us, aren't you Branden?
Behold! The Prophecy! It comes true!

DanaC  Monday Aug 13 08:11 AM

Ohhhh Gods. Fucking Raw Feeding fanatics. They get everywhere where pics or posts of dogs exist. They're the fundies of the dog world.

They get right on my tits. Apparently if you don't want to feed your dog on raw carcasses ('oh, I know there's blood and bone but we just have a couple of towels ready to clean it up, and only feed them in the kitchen....but oh you should see their little faces when I give them half a rabbit') and don't want to take the risk of bone fragments ripping up your dog's insides, you just don't love your dog.

Sundae  Monday Aug 13 01:06 PM

Diz is currently having minced chicken necks for his tea.
I promise I'm not a fundie though.

DanaC  Monday Aug 13 01:17 PM

Oh a lot of the arguments for raw feeding are compelling. It's the attitude that seems to go with it that puts my back up.

Sundae  Monday Aug 13 01:38 PM

Even if I support something I am suspicious of ranters.
I think one of the reasons I like it here so much is that the message doesn't always get swallowed in the rhetoric.

With some exceptions that prove the rule of course...

Re BARF, I do think there should be an overhaul of the cat food industry, removing completely unnecessary and unnatural ingredients. But guess who eats Whiskas when funds are low? Yes, me. Because I would rather starve than make my cat eat that.

No, sorry, I do mean Diz of course

Like the dietary choices people make for themselves and their children, no one gets to say a damned thing about it until they have lived that life themselves. Everyone does what they can and everyone's choices are different. I try to feed him BARF when I can, but mostly I try to love him big time.

DanaC  Monday Aug 13 01:55 PM

I looked into it for Carrotchops, but there were just too many complicating factors. Might be different if I had room for a family size fridge freezer and could just fill the freezer up with raw foods. bearing in mind Carrot's size relative to Dizcat you can imagine the sheer quantity of raw food I'd need to keep him fed.

But there's also the bone fragments issue. Even though uncooked bones are 'safe' there are cases of dogs ending up having to have surgery because fragments have lodged in various parts of the gut. Also there are occasional instances of food poisoning through raw feeding.

Mostly though, it's the ball-ache aspect :p And the nutritional balance. I'm not confident enough with it. I suspect it's easier with cats.

When I went looking there were all sorts of disagreement as to which style of raw feeding was best. Those who say you really need to include a few veg and those who are adamant a dog doesn't need veg. Etc.

I agree that the processed food is often very bad. But they're not all awful. And they can be supplemented with fresh foods. Carrot has his Royal Canin dry food (which is the stuff he was on at the breeders) and then a couple of times a week he'll get a chicken and veg broth, or a little stewed lamb.

classicman  Monday Aug 13 04:35 PM

Grains are the biggest problem from what I've seen. Look at the can/bag.
Its usually the number one or two ingredient.
Evo, Innova, Wellness, Merrick, Taste of the wild .... There are many that are good.
The cost is the issue though.

This is a good link to check out

Nirvana!!! Please weigh in, I'd like your opinion.

Pico and ME  Monday Aug 13 04:54 PM

I've been feeding Turbo and Pico food that doesnt have much grain in it. (And spending out teh *ss to do it, too. Although, I do buy in bulk with coupons and such) But Pico was suffering from major itching and a lot of vomiting/reflux until I switched his food, so Im a convert. I switch back and forth between Natural Balance and Wellness depending on the sale.

My Vet told me it was a waste of time...but he sells Science Diet in his office, so I think he is biased. But when it comes down to it, prices have seemed to even out for most brands with the exceptions of the grocery store brands, of course.

DanaC  Monday Aug 13 04:54 PM

Well, I'm pretty well settled with Royal Canin for now. When I move him onto adult food at 1 year old, I'll re-examine. Might change him over to one of the sensitive types (James Well-beloved for instance), as beardies aren't known for their iron stomachs :p

I've been through that site (and others) a few times over the past few months. One main problem with them is that they tend to be American and whilst some of the major brands are there, some of the brands available in britain aren't there and a lot of what's there isn't available here.

The grain issue is a complicated one. It has it's place as a filler. Literally to give the dog a full feeling, and act as a carrier for the other ingredients. It can be particularly useful for dogs with digestive issues, for whom a more protein based meal would be difficult to digest. What grain is used and where it sits on the ingredient list is important.

Nirvana  Monday Aug 13 04:58 PM

So sorry to hear about Pearl. Remember when we were kids and our dogs got one set of shots as a puppy and they did not die from these diseases that are only seen in puppies?

Any hoo appropo of nothing but I have dogs [ a few ] and I will only give the 3 year rabies vaccination. If it is legal in your state you ask your vet for that. If they hem haw around show them the state code. Info on PA {] It is the same exact shot as the one year but $10-$20 more and its a 3 year Vets like to bully patients as vaccinations are their bread and butter.

Old dogs Chihuahuas[ over 10] at my house that do not go any where NEVER get shots. {arrest me]They make them ill. Most of my dogs live to be 14-16yrs.

Always keep benedryl children's liquid on hand to give orally.

Tractor Supply sells a fabulous grain free dog food, " 4 Health" cheap. My show dogs eat it. They also eat Purina Dog chow.

Nirvana  Monday Aug 13 05:06 PM

I should say I have fed the gamut of dog foods including barf and I do feed raw hamburger and raw eggs both home raised, to my show dogs. I have fed expensive dog foods that give my dogs diarrhea off and on. Hate that! I hate the food dye in Purina Dog Chow but my dogs like it they look good and I don't go to the vet often for problems. I think Science Diet is the debil's dog food.

DanaC  Monday Aug 13 05:12 PM

Pilau got his puppy shots and his one year booster then nothing after that.

Most of the shots give much longer immunity, and often lifelong immunity.
One of the reasons vets used to advise for one year is because the drug companies only test to one year. So they can only 'guarantee' a year. I think they may have started testing to three years now. A lot of vets now advise three year boosters.

In reality it is considered likely that for things like Parvo immunity will last 10 years and quite likely offer lifelong protection. Not sure about rabies, but we have very little rabies in this country even amongst the local wildlife. Also I think lepto is only short term immunity also.

I don't yet know what I'll do with Carrot. He'll get his 1 year booster. We may then do three yearly. Have to be a bit careful, as auto-immune conditions are a bit of a problem with his breed. So the risks of over vaccinating come into play more than with some other breeds.

[eta] Science diet is the pits. Most of those really top of the line vet foods are awful. But...the tinned variety of Royal Canin sensitive veterinary food is awesome when your dog has the dire rears. Was like magic.

Nirvana  Monday Aug 13 05:26 PM

Science Diet AD canned which is like Royal Canine is fab too but the rest is a vet's dream for skin, reproductive and digestive problems. Dogs are individual if you find what works use it. I like the grain free for the older dogs because grains are involved in inflammatory response and younger dogs can tolerate them more than older ones. I have a lot less arthritic conditions. I had a hard time keeping teeth and keeping them clean on those expensive foods.

Pico and ME  Monday Aug 13 10:28 PM

Oh God...TEETH! I have spent over $1000 so far on Pico because of his teeth.

I've got to find an easy way to clean his teeth. The toothbrush I bought really is impractical. I do give him a greenie every day, but dont really know if that helps or not.

SPUCK  Thursday Aug 16 06:43 AM

Same here.. $500 for a teeth cleaning?!! Nuts..

Your reply here?

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