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Is Pat Buchanan Deep Throat?

There was a Dateline story tonight about a research project at the University of Illinois attempting to uncover the identify of Deep Throat.

They've managed to narrow the potential candidates down to 7 people. Dateline called them all. Six of them flat out denied being Deep Throat. The seventh, Pat Buchanan, said that he did not want to make a statment.

Here's a text summary of the story. I also have an avi of the story, and if you want it, e-mail me and i'll spare some bandwidth for ya.

Anyway, their evidence looks pretty good, at least as far as narrowing it down to the last 7 people.
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Rho and I watched that too. We were like, "No way!" It wouldn't surprise me though.

I was reading today that was going to reveal it (I believe via John Dean), but then another, no amazement this Monday.
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