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i know plenty of you here LOVE obama. personally, i think he could be a one term dude and i'd be happy with that. rail me if you want but you will not "change" my views. however, healthcare has been an issue for decades. this "forced" healthcare program he is trying to do is not right.

At issue on Day 2 of three days of oral arguments before the justices was the health care mandate, the requirement that with few exceptions all individuals must have health insurance or pay a penalty via their income taxes.
i can afford insurance now. 6 months ago i could not. since i returned from my hiatus from society i could not. not until i got a decent paying job. so basically he's saying that if i cannot afford healthcare then it's going to be taken from my tax return. gee. really.

oh and here's another thing....i had to be taken to the emergency room about a year and a half ago. i chose the "free" hospital because i did not have insurance. i still get bills to this day for their sorry ass service.

Verrilli defended the mandate by saying Congress found it to be the best way to insure the more than 40 million Americans who lack insurance and end about $43 billion a year in cost shifting – the amount of free care provided to the uninsured that hospitals ultimately make up through a taxpayer-funded government program and raising insurance rates.
i never saw such things. i'm white. i will never see that.

yeah i said that. rip me one. i'm not gonna care. i am jaded. very. and i usually stick to my own self but every now and then i've had enough and have to voice my opinion.

now back on subject:

Verrilli argued that any healthy person is only a car accident or a cancer diagnosis away from needing hugely expensive health care. Requiring health coverage only when people become sick would blow a hole in the insurance industry’s risk-pool model and make health insurance unaffordable to many, Verrilli said.
ok lets see here. insurance companies. yyyyyeah. they are in it for what people? your best interest? i think not. money. they want to turn a profit for their shareholders. they could give a rats ass whether you die or live tomorrow. unless you are on their policy. then they care.

i understand obama's interest in making sure everyone has insurance but lets be real. in america.......snot gonna happen.
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