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Health Keeping your body well enough to support your head

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Momma's got Depression

Momma can't stop crying but she tries to hide it from the kids. She hides it from the kids because people who care about the kids have told her that it's bad for them to see their strong momma down. So momma cries in private. She worries that's as bad as drinking in private (which momma doesn't do).

Momma cries in the car and while doing the laundry and in the shower and while tidying the yard. Momma cries while she does the paperwork and types on the cellar. Momma tried to get help but it's too hard. They wanted her to talk to a stranger on the phone to evaluate her needs before they would let her talk to a real person.

Momma can't sleep. She went to bed early last night because she was so tired, only to wake up early to allow more time for crying. One of the kids caught momma crying this morning now momma feels terrible. She tried to explain but....

Momma just needed to tell someone. thanks.
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