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When Do I Get Virtual Unreality?
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The passing of Dolores O'Riordan takes from us the pure and earnest voice of one of the most powerful songs ever created to address human pain and loss as the cost of violence in the name of political end. The stupidity of war, in particular the irreparable harm it brings to children and families, is ever present, and grows more indiscriminate, more inescapable with each passing day.

Let us not forget the message of "Zombie", and the fact that it was created by a mother upon seeing the grief and pain experienced by another mother who had lost a child in the name of political warfare.

RIP, Dolores. You have moved on, but your creation and its meaning remain with us, now stronger than ever. Your song brought the horror of war into our hearts and minds in a way that may have otherwise been overlooked. I believe I can safely state that millions of us are walking around today with your strident and heartfelt words echoing in our thoughts, reminding us that we, as a species, need to do better.

We should all have such a legacy.
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