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The Industry

In music, there is no money. Unless you become, produce or are someone huge, mammoth, epic to the business. And those chances are at the slightest of possibilities, in reality.

Yet there are plenty of amazingly talented musicians, singers, producers, and artists out there who's skill will never be showcased. Not because they don't have what the quality the industry is looking for, but because they don't have the ties, marketing and hookups other people had the opportunity to seize.

But it doesn't mean they aren't out there.
I just wanted to post this because I saw this incredibly talented singer on YouTube. If there's something YouTube does that is exponentially positive, it is this ability to show amazingly gifted artists, who are everyday people as well.
I see.
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Originally Posted by Spectacle View Post
In music, there is no money.
Well, that's simply not true. There are many, many people who are career professionals in the music industry, making a decent middle-class living as session players, engineers, arrangers, orchestrators, songwriters, and on and on. It's only the people trying to become "artists" who get trapped into the all-or-nothing, platinum or broke mindset.

The rest of us are very content with making a decent living, and getting to play tons of great music. It's the "not caring if your picture is on the CD cover" that makes the difference.


That girl has pipes. I'd like to hear her on something original.
to live and die in LA
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