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Adapt and Survive
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Best bits not in a movie

In the interst of doing my bit,it's going to have to be a movie Trivia thread.

In this case 'extras', the stuff you get along with a movie on DVD these days, but isn't in the actual movie i.e. Deleted Scenes, Director commentories, games, etc.

I can think of two deleted scenes that are brilliant, and surely would have enhanced the movie.
We Were Soldiers, theres a scene wher the young Officers are relaxing and discussing the new CO and Sergeant that is coming to the unit, one of the officers tells a story he heard about the sergeant. He tells a story about a different person and what a bad ass he is , at the ned the other guys say, funny story, but whats that got to do with our guy, and he says 'that guy in the story, he was scared shitless of our guy.'

Firefly - theres a little bit, about 10 seconds clipped from the a scene near the end. The anti hero of the movie gives long heartfelt speech about how he was just following orders an he realises now he was working for the wrong side, and ask for forgiveness and guidance on how to go on with his life now that he has been betrayed by his masters an cast adrift ina cruel universe blah blah... in the movie the hero just tells him to get lost and walks away into his ship. In the deleted scene he tells him to get lost, walks away into his ship, then pauses by the button which closes the door and mutters "whiner". breaks the dramatic moment I suppose, maybe the Hollywood types didn't like it.

I have heard /read that there is commentary track for Spinal Tap done by the actors in character and is funnier than the original movie, I'll netflix it and check it out.

soo, what extras are really Extra
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Spinal Tap The Cutting Room Floor: More than one hour of deleted scenes, abandoned subplots, and alternate takes (from the Criterion Collection)
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From Anchorman - the rest of the disc. The Afternoon Delight video, the ESPN audition, and most of all the director commentary (shitballs). I should watch that tonight...
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I thought Tropic Thunder was a mildly amusing movie, but the commentary is hysterical at times. Jack Black shows up late to the taping of the commentary, and hasn't had breakfast yet, so he orders a cheesburger and fries to be delivered. When the food gets there, in between all the talk about the movie, theses guys are talking about if they can have some fries. Robert Downey JR is in character during the commentary in time with the movie so he changes his tone in his comments according to who he is playing on screen.

It's probably not worth renting the movie to see, but if you do rent the movie, make sure to watch the commentary. Those guys are funny. Even Ben Stiller was funny, and I usually hate that guy.
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Adapt and Survive
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This is the scene from We Were Soldiers
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I've always loved watching these guys and their outtakes. What fun would it be to be on their movie crew?

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To shreds, you say?
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After the credits of Get Shorty there is a hilarious bit where Gene Hackman gives Ben Stiller this long fuzzy anecdote about being a young, poor, film student, and then dresses him down for being an auteur cameraman.

The best scene in the movie.
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dar512 is now Pete Zicato
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Originally Posted by Beest View Post
Firefly - theres a little bit, about 10 seconds clipped from the a scene near the end.
Thanks for posting this, Beest. It prompted me to rent Serenity last night. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks.
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