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Bill Wyman now sells metal detectors

All of my favorite musicians eventually turn into old Englishmen. Now my favorite Stones bassist does it and does it well.


When I’m detecting I really enjoy the peace and quiet of being out in the fields; the fresh air, hearing the birds sing and all the exercise.

In all, I’ve found hundreds of coins going back to Roman Britain, as well as blades from 3,000 years ago. I’ve also found gold coins from the 1300’s which are worth 1,000 each. But I’m not interested in their monetary value, it’s the history that’s important to me. After I’ve been out metal detecting I come home with my pockets full, wash the finds, spread them out to dry and begin to wonder what they all are. Then I can invent my own stories about how a particular coin or brooch came to be in that field. Detecting makes history so much more interesting – it’s a great hobby.
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Bummer. Wrong kind. We could use a new handheld at work.
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well, he gotta do something keep the old millions rolling in. Yay, he coming to town in september with the Rhythm Kings. Must get tickets, on my to do list
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