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Food and Drink Essential to sustain life; near the top of the hierarchy of needs

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Don't eat shoes either but better than doing business with Chick Fila.
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Bruce neglects the spelling, which seems important here: Chick Fil-A.

The breakfast biscuit sandwiches are quite all right, likewise the chix biscuit. Experience with the little box of tater-totlets says they're really rather boring, as well as oily. Think next time I stop there for breakfast, I'll order la carte rather than combo.


At home -- pork chorizo and eggs, fried, slightly separated in the pan rather than all scrambled together and offered with tortillas in the usual restaurant manner. Today, added some chipotle sauce out of a can of chipotle to see if it Emerils the chorizo a notch or so. Not bad; would try again in varied amounts. Gives the chorizo a little more fire and smoke.

Start with lightly frying the chorizo, getting it to sizzle, and flattening the bolus of chorizo you've squeezed from the skin. Since the sausage falls apart cooking, just noodgeing it with the edge of the spatula spreads it out. Turn it once and break the eggs into the pan, after a bit of olive oil in there to ensure the eggs at worst stick less to the pan. Fry the eggs half hard/over medium, using a pan lid to cover it over, frying all together. Pretty much set & forget, save for time, at very moderate heat.
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What's For Breakfast?

A can of Dinty Moore, with a peanut butter sammy.

Nobody else was up, it was the quietest thing I could come up with.

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