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Chinese "filler" word sounds like taboo English word, professor fired

A Chinese hesitation word -like um or er- sounds like the N-word to the ears of English speakers, and a Californian professor has been forced to step back for using it -in context- in class. There have also been violent incidents between Chinese speakers and people overhearing them using this hesitation word.

This is a toughie. I think I'm leaning towards the side of the prof and Chinese speakers. But I'm probably missing something. Your thoughts?
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If it was a case study in the use of hesitation words causing misunderstandings in multilingual environments and that was within the scope of his presentation; then, it shouldn't have been a problem.

If it was perceived as a gratuitous, off-color, attempt at humor; then, the subsequent response shouldn't be a problem.

The professor was responsible for properly framing the information he presented to avoid misunderstanding, especially if that information was supposed to help others avoid misunderstanding. Sounds like a case of failure to practice what you preach.
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the context was literally giving an example of a different language's word for "um" or "uh", technically meaning "that" (as in "oh, hand me, that, that, that, um, book over there"), used by the first or second most commonly spoken language in the world.
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Chinese filler is rice

that's riceist
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I was assisting a surgeon with an extremity wound closure and putting a dressing over it. The dressing had a tail on each end with which to tie the dressing in place and help seal out contamination at the ends. Each tail was to be split into two lengthwise pieces with the pieces being wrapped around the dressing and extremity in opposite directions; then, tied together on top.

The surgeon split a dressing tail and handed one piece to a nurse to hold while he wrapped the other piece. The surgeon (male) told me that when ready for the piece the nurse is holding, let the nurse know by saying [he turns to the female nurse and says] "Nurse, a piece of tail please."

Context: Medical doctor performing a surgical procedure giving a lawful order to a subordinate nurse using routine medical terminology.
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