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Les Claypool is not Les Claypool

The guy on the left is Les Claypool III. I just saw his name in the credits of Ghost in the Shell, on the thousandth time I watched that movie.
He's a sound editor, who also did Akira, according to his IMDB page, which has 4 entries and no bio info. He doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

The guy on the right is Les Claypool, bassist for Primus. He isn't Les Claypool III, according to nothing but unsourced message board posts.
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In 1989, Les Claypool III opened an anime and game dubbing studio business named Magnitude 8 Post. He closed its doors in 2015. Though the website is gone, a farewell statement he made has been carried on other industry related websites. The statement ended with "Not bad for a movie loving guitar player from Pacoima I reckon."

A search for records with his name in Pacoima, CA yield an obituary for Arlene Claypool originally from Hollywood, CA who had worked as a production assistant at Four Star International, an American television production company.

In 1954, she married Les Claypool Jr, a Los Angeles DJ and son of a prominent political editor and columnist for the Los Angeles Green Sheet. In the late '50s, they relocated from Hollywood to Pacoima. They divorced shortly thereafter.

In 1991, Arlene moved from Pacoima to Newhall, CA and lived there until her passing. She is survived by her son Leslie and ...

A more detailed bio on Les Claypool III.
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Is Les Claypool now Mor Claypool under the new Trumponomix?

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No no, Trumponomix would make Mor Cesspool.
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