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^it sings^
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But she has the kind of legs you like, right?
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still says videotape
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The women kind.
If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.
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^it sings^
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It's an old joke, said about a guy who's not fussy about the women; She's got the kind of legs he likes, feet on one end and pussy on the other.

(the first half suffices in polite company)
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We have to go back, Kate!
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Can't recall if I posted this already and can't be arsed searching :P

. Recommend going full screen for when there's text on screen.

1. The rise of fascism...

I highly recommend watching the other episodes.

Trump is not Hitler...

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the series ( there's another 2, don't know if he's planning more)
There's only so much punishment a man can take in pursuit of punani. - Sundae

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The future is unwritten
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You know you want a picture of him and Liz.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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In a similar Watergate timeline, this is when John McCord realized he would be jailed for decades due to his felonies for Nixon. This last week, many of The Don's henchmen turned states evidence. One is so wacko extremist as to deny his felonies - and was prosecuted. There will always be some Gordon Liddy types.

Because so many are exposing evil and corruption by this president, then the President is repeatedly attacking his Attorney General - Jeff Sessions. Does this sound like a Saturday Night massacre is about to happen? Watergate deja vue. Sure sounds like it. This president even makes Nixon look honest.

John McCain just died. Most patriotic leaders from both parties praise him - from the heart and not to be politically correct. The Don cannot. He posts sympathies to McCain's family with an unstated and obvious implication. Sorry that they had John McCain in their family.

We can expect every former president to appear at McCain's viewing or funeral. But one will not because McCain specifically said so. The Don (an evil man) is uninvited. Which makes the many other presidents happy. Since The Don has repeatedly violated an unwritten rule among presidents. Never criticize and blame past presidents. Only a corrupt Mafioso leader would not understand that. The Don obviously is disdained by all previous and living presidents.
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^it sings^
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All most likely inconsequential. The Republican Governor of Arizona is expected to replace McCain with someone who is more party line.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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Company executives, brainwashed by business school concepts and The Don's wacko extremist talk show hosts, cheered when Trump started a trade war on aluminum and steel. A classic example is the owner of American Keg. He still thinks those tariffs are good. And was completely taken by surprise when his costs skyrocketed. His customers are now buying kegs from overseas. Did he have basic economic knowledge? Did he not understand the obvious? Did he even know that many metals necessary for American products are not made productively in America? Some companies are so anti-American as to still use 1964 technology blast furnaces to make steel. Tariffs were created to protect America's least productive industries.

America Keg now laid off a third of their workforce. The owner said he was surprised it happened. A perfect example of another brainwashed by Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

Those tariffs have started doing and will increase major damage to markets (the American economy). But significant damage will be apparent for years. His 'wacko extremist' inspired tariffs are now creating major price increases in paper, polypropylene, and other materials consumed by America's productive and now intentionally harmed businesses.

Does not matter. Extremists still believe The Don has done good. We will see those result years later when companies some companies finally file for bankruptcy.

Pain has been especially hard on part suppliers for the auto industry. A threat that has not been seen in that industry since George Jr's economics created a massive recession many years later - including the death of Lehman Bros.
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Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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He has proposed a new wall:
Originally Posted by The Guardian
Donald Trump suggested the Spanish government tackled the Mediterranean migration crisis by emulating one of his most famous policies and building a wall across the Sahara desert, the country’s foreign minister has revealed.

According to Josep Borrell, the US president brushed off the scepticism of Spanish diplomats – who pointed out that the Sahara stretched for 3,000 miles – saying: “The Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.”

I suppose, if he meant the Sahara's border with Spain, he's right.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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The Don is upset because Mexican money is not in a new budget. Did they forget to bill Mexico?
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