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To shreds, you say?
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Originally Posted by Happy Monkey View Post
Useless sign. It ought to have been a sign saying to clean any boats (or anything else that might collect plant matter) thoroughly before taking them to other lakes, so it doesn't get transplanted there as well.
Yes. We have "Rock snot" in the rivers around where I live. The signs are much clearer about what to do and not to do, vis-a-vis, shoes and water craft.
the internet is a hateful stew of vomit you can never take completely seriously? - Her Fobs
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Originally Posted by footfootfoot View Post
So far she hasn't doubted your existence.

I even told her my handle so she could research the unvarnished me before we started dating. It's been a little longer than a year that we've been going out. I guess what she read didn't scare her off.
She prolly has read some of my edumacated lines of wit and decided we are full of shit.
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still says videotape
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might want to lock down any boat threads
If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.
- Louis D. Brandeis
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Originally Posted by Griff View Post
might want to lock down any boat threads
Also a very stable genius.
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The Un-Tuckian
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Quite humorous.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, EPA, FBI, DEA, CDC, or FDIC. These statements are not intended to diagnose, cause, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you feel you have been harmed/offended by, or, disagree with any of the above statements or images, please feel free to fuck right off.
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